Ten months have passed since George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police. This was the event that reignited Black Lives Matter movement.

The murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is all set to begin on Monday. Local activists had planned to organize vigils and rallies across the country to draw attention to the high-profile case.

The intersection at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue remains closed for traffic. This is the exact place where George Floyd breathed his last. The county government center is cordoned off with concrete barriers and huge fencing as well.

Rev. Billy G. Russell called Minneapolis residents to his church to hold a special prayer service on Sunday night ahead of the trial.

Floyd’s family members were also present at Russell’s church along with Rev. Al Sharpton and civil rights attorney Ben Crump. Russell claimed that he has been closely following the trial and plans to continue doing so.

A few dozen supporters gathered at Greater Friendship Missionary on Sunday night to participate in vigil and to listen to the speeches and prayers.

Russell welcomed the crowd keeping the mood at the sanctuary joyful. He stood behind the podium; exactly where Sharpton had presented eulogy at Floyd’s funeral. He urged the crowd to keep the protest peaceful and pay attention to the trial.

The supporters were seen holding portraits of Floyd while chanting and humming slogans demanding a fair trial and justice. They also held peaceful demonstrations throughout the course of jury selection.

Many of the protesters exclaimed that they plan to continue with the demonstrations throughout the trial.

Sharpton claimed that Monday marks the beginning of Chauvin’s trial that would provide the country an opportunity to hold the police accountable for their misdeeds and sins.

Sharpton further stated that “Chauvin is in the courtroom, but America is on trial.”