America is opening up despite the increasing number of coronavirus positive cases. This is very encouraging but there are still certain restrictions in place that must be followed.

Almost all the states of the country have allowed restaurants to reopen indoor dining services. Los Angeles is the last major city where restaurants have started to open up indoor dining services with a capacity of only 25% last week.

This capacity restriction differs from state to state depending on the locality and the number of coronavirus cases.

Although at the federal level, the SoPs are intact, major states have modified the restriction levels according to their own rules and regulations. For instance, many states have allowed bars to serve food. They have allowed the restaurants to be operational in full capacity.

Massachusetts has allowed restaurants to open up dine-in areas while keeping the bars closed. Most of the bars in California and Connecticut are closed.

Bars in Maine were also closed, but they are scheduled to be reopened this Friday. Colorado is all set to follow suit.

Some larger states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona have lifted almost all the essential restrictions on business activities. Though the mask mandate remains effective in 32 states, Texas and Mississippi dropped the mask mandate in public, despite the warnings from the health officials.

The health experts have reportedly warned the states against reopening the restaurants too soon. As the new contagious strains of the COVID-19 continue to spread rapidly, the vaccination drive is still in process.

The health experts are concerned about the unprecedented increase in the average number of Covid-19 cases. This Wednesday the total number of new cases reported was the highest in more than a month.