On Friday, a passenger on an Amtrak train traveling through Missouri was shot and killed, according to the latest sources.

Authorities are still searching for the culprit, who they believe escaped off the train and left the scene.

According to FOX 4 of Kansas City, investigators identified the deceased as Richie Aaron Jr. of Independence, Missouri, who was shot to death when the train was halted at a railway station in Lee’s Summit on Saturday night. According to reports, the suspect allegedly disembarked from the train at that stop.

After the bullets were fired, the train proceeded to Independence since it was not immediately clear that Aaron had been injured, according to the FOX station.

However, by the time the train arrived in Independence at 9 p.m., police and emergency services had been informed and were waiting for the train. On the other hand, Aaron was declared dead at the scene, according to KMBC of Kansas City.

A statement from Amtrak confirms that it is cooperating with the inquiry.

The company said, “Amtrak is supporting local authorities who are investigating a tragic incident last night involving two passengers on Train 313. One of the passengers is a fatality, while the other left the scene in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. There were no injuries to the other 81 passengers and the Amtrak crew and they were all provided alternate transportation to their final destination. … Amtrak takes its responsibility for safe travel seriously,” FOX 4 reported.

Moreover, at Westerly Rhode Island’s Amtrak station, an Amtrak conductor fell off a train and died.

The train was halted from leaving the station because the conductor had not been found by the station officials. According to the Boston Globe, she was also unable to respond to her radio.

According to Westerly police, the inquiry will be spearheaded by Amtrak police.