The Supreme Court nominee by Donald Trump, Amy Coney on the second day of Senate judiciary committee hearings shared her views on different policies.

However, somehow she managed to dodge critical questions asked by Democrats related to matters of healthcare, elections, and abortion.

Judge Amy Barrett dodged Democrats and insisted again and again that her personal beliefs have nothing to do with judicial decisions.

Thus, she avoided answering questions about whether she would revoke the right to abortion or Obamacare or her views about the presidential elections.

The candidate defined herself as a strict follower of the Constitution of 1787, a law that does not change over time. This rigidity is precisely what scares the Democrats.

Many Democrats believe that given the Republican majority in the Senate, her appointment would affect the judiciary.

The political tension is felt during the questions asked by Democrats regarding different policies of the country.

Ms. Barret, 48, a mother of seven and with deep religious beliefs, arouses all suspicions about her possible decisions in the Supreme Court and the objective that Donald Trump is pursuing with her appointment.

Given these doubts, the nominee assured that she is not obligated to the White House to vote in favor of abolishing Obama’s health law or opting for the president in case of a possible dispute in the court.

Obama’s health law

Republicans insisted on portraying her as the heir to Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. Her career path indicates that she is much more conservative than her mentor.

In the current hearing, most of the questions asked by Democrats were about ACA, and abortion or gay rights.

Amy Coney Barrett is currently serving as an appellate judge and is serving as a professor at the University of Notre Dame.