Amy Coney Barrett was nominated by Donald Trump to join the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She went through a four-day confirmation hearing before she was finally confirmed.

A dataset that measures the values of the US justice reported that the scales have been tipped to the right. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a liberal, however, now that she has been replaced, the court is now conservative by majority.

Following her nomination, many have raised their concerns about issues such as abortion and LGBTQ rights because she claims to be Devout Catholic. Even though she insists her religious beliefs will not interfere with her work, evidence suggests otherwise.

Her affiliation with the Christian group, People of Praise has caused a considerable outcry as former members have come out to report sexual abuse and trauma. Moreover, they also reported having a policy where they dismiss members who have admitted to having relations with same-sex partners.

During her confirmation hearings, Barrett labeled herself as an ‘originalist,’ which according to he means that she will follow the meaning of the constitution as and when it was ratified. She continues to add that she will not be updating its meaning or influence with her views.

Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as Supreme Court JusticeIt has been reported that under Trump, 86% of judicial appointees are white and 75% of them are male. Experts believe that the term ‘originalist’ actually means following the original constitution, which was written by exclusively white males and it reflects Trump’s support of white supremacy.

Moreover, Barrett has also spoken on climate change stating that she believes this topic is a bone of contention among the public and that she does not have any particular view on the matter.

This has raised concerns because since the majority of the court now consists of conservative judges, their stance on climate change will have a significant influence on the matter.

An attorney from the Center of Biological Diversity has spoken on the matter saying that when six out of nine judges are conservative, their decisions are going to be more politically charged.