News anchor and critic, Anderson Cooper, 54, has welcomed his second child named “Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper” with ex-partner, Benjamin Maisani. The baby was conceived via a surrogate mother, revealed Cooper on his show ‘Anderson Cooper 360°’ aired Thursday on CNN.

“This is Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper. He was 6.8 lbs. at birth and he was healthy and happy and even his occasional hiccups, are to me, adorable. He mostly just sleeps and eats and certainly poops, but he already seems like a wise and thoughtful little chap,” exclaimed Anderson Cooper proudly.

Cooper has had another son with Maisani before, 1+ years-old Wyatt Morgan Cooper. The two will be co-parenting both Wyatt and now Sebastian, revealed Cooper. He added, “Wyatt and Sebastian are being raised by my best friend and former partner, Benjamin Maisani. We’re co-parents. Wyatt calls me ‘daddy’ and Benjamin ‘papa.’ We’re a family. Benjamin is also in the process of adopting Wyatt, who’s last name will be changed to Maisani-Cooper as well.”

He also talked about being close with his ex-partner, and how co-parenting has been lovely for their family so far. Maisani was reportedly present in the delivery room during the birth of their first child together as well.

His announcement message included a heartfelt thank you to the doctors involved in the process along with the surrogate, “We want to thank the amazing doctors and nurses who helped bring Sebastian into the world, and most of all thank the surrogate who carried Sebastian and gave birth to him. The sacrifices she and her family — her entire family — made, and the love that they gave Sebastian this past year has been extraordinary.”

Anderson Cooper also mentioned his deceased family members including; mother Gloria Vanderbilt, father Wyatt Emory Cooper, and brother Carter Cooper in his statement. Remembering his memory from his first son’s birth, he mentioned how the past year, he has felt his family watching over him as he raised his son, continuing, “These past 22 months, I felt them watching over us very strongly and I already feel their love for Sebastian. The family I was born into may be gone, but I feel them alive in the family we’ve created, new love, and new life.”

Anderson Cooper announced his breakup with Benjamin Maisani in 2018 but the couple has been close even after the ending of romantic connection. Benjamin was present in the delivery room while Wyatt was born back in 2020.

Cooper and Maisani have been co-parenting Wyatt successfully for quite some time now and they plan to do the same with their new arrival.

In an interview, the CNN anchor person opened up about co-parenting saying,“It’s awesome. It’s probably an unusual setup, but I knew he would be a great dad, and he is. We’re exes, but we’re family to each other, and we love each other as family and as co-parents.”