New York Gov.Andrew Cuomo’s support army seems to be crumbling by the minute.  Several Democrats have called for his immediate resignation, after a report that confirmed his history of sexually harassing women came to light.

Although Cuomo has time and time again insisted, he did nothing wrong, the results of the investigation have proven otherwise. The investigation, which consisted of accusations made by 11 women, has been found to hold the truth.

Cuomo has been accused of “unwelcome and non-consensual touching,” among other serious allegations. Subsequently, members of his party, along with President Joe Biden have asked him to resign from his position.

While in conversation with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Biden said that Cuomo should resign before he is impeached by the state.

I think he should resign. I understand that the state legislature may decide to impeach. I don’t know that for a fact. I have not read all that data,”

clarified the President.

When another reporter asked him a similar question, Biden reiterated that he hadn’t read James’ report. But, in talks with ABC News earlier this year, Biden had been emphatic on Cuomo’s resignation if the investigation proved him guilty.

A little while before Biden presented his views, White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also asked for Cuomo’s resignation. She claimed that he should step back from his post out of “respect for the office he holds.”

Pelosi also went on to commend the women who came out and spoke about their harrowing experiences with the Governor. New York’s Democratic Senators, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand also joined the calls of the White House in asking Cuomo to resign.

According to these Senators, the actions of the Governor were disgusting and have to be condemned at any cost. Regardless of position or status, the people of New York deserve a better leader to be present at the governor’s office, said the Senators.

Soon after the report was made public, calls for Cuomo’s resignation seem to be increasing by the minute. From Reps Hakeem Jeffries to Gregory Meeks, there have been several elected party members who have asked the Governor to resign with immediate effect.

Despite the countless accusations made against his advances, Cuomo has remained unaffected. He has accused the investigation to be a product of political agenda and has once again denied all allegations made on his character.