On Tuesday night, when the news broke that Amazon Web Services CEO, Andy Jassy will take over Amazon as the new CEO later this year, he wrote a heartfelt memo to the internal teams.

Kara Swisher, The New York Times journalist shared the memo on Twitter as soon as she got it through her sources.

In the memo, Jassy thanked Jeff Bezos and applauded him for showing his trust in him.

Apart from praising Jeff, Jassy took the opportunity to mention his achievements since he joined the organization in 1997. He also mentioned his role as the CEO of Amazon Web Services.

Moreover, he wrote that Amazon Web Services is making strides in the right direction, and there are more horizons to conquer.

Who will replace Jassy at AWS, is still a secret.

In the memo, Jassy confirmed that nothing is going to change at Amazon until the third quarter when he will become the CEO. He further added that even after becoming the CEO, he will be as much passionate about AWS as he is today.

He concluded his memo by telling his team that more details about the change in leadership will be disclosed soon. Until then, everyone must gear up as they have a lot of work to do.

Jassy has been a trusted and the most competitive CEO of Amazon Web Services.

As per the reports by Canalys, AWS was the top cloud service provider during the last quarter of 2020. Moreover, it commanded over 31% of the market share.

This absolute success of AWS – even in critical times – proves Jassy’s dexterity. As he prepares to take up the new role at Amazon, the world is looking forward to how he will expand the company to new horizons.