An official from the White House appealed to the younger people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. This aide was none other than Andy Slavitt, President Joe Biden’s top adviser for the Coronavirus.

During a White House conference, Slavitt spoke of his son’s personal struggles after contracting the virus. His son got infected late last year, and till date, he is “one of the many Americans battling long term symptoms,” stated Slavitt.

Andy Slavitt further added how his son is young and in the “prime of his life.” Yet, he is battling with drastic after-effects of the virus including a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, cold hands, and symptoms of the common flu, which appear intermittently.

After describing his son’s own personal experience, President Biden’s adviser also declared the virus has adversely affected many young lives, many of the young ones who contracted the virus have it ‘worse,’ said Slavitt.

In light of his son’s own struggles, Andy Slavitt has asked young Americans to get their vaccine shots. He especially pitched to the younger lot, which considers itself at a lower risk compared to the rest of the population. As emphasized by Slavitt, all of the younger U.S residents should get vaccinated as the virus can be a potential threat to anyone and everyone.

After a year since the advent of the Coronavirus, researchers and other experts remain baffled at the properties of the virus. Dr. Francis Collins, who serves as the chief of the National Institutes of Health talked about the rampant virus in March, calling it a ‘mystery’ that has left even the best experts perplexed.

Many researchers are still trying to learn about the potential aftereffects of the virus. Numerous studies have been conducted to determine whether these subsequent symptoms are an aftermath of the infection or another variation in itself. They are studying to ascertain the number of people affected, the duration of the symptoms, and the possibility of them not being connected to COVID-19 at all.

Meanwhile, Andy Slavitt has still urged younger Americans to avoid the complexities of the disease by getting vaccinated. He reiterated how they are still in the process of learning about the ‘long term effects of COVID,’ and hence, it is imperative to get a shot in order to be safe from the deadly virus.

Several White House officials have used Andy Slavitt’s personal account to establish a new strategy to appeal for more Americans getting vaccinated. Now, the Biden administration will make use of local community leaders and personal stories to urge not just the younger Americans, but also the elder ones to take the shot and protect themselves, and their loved ones.