Between 2014 and 2019, the Maleficent actress, 46, was married to the Ocean’s Eleven actor, 57.

After 12 years of being together, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” on the papers of divorce.

Since then, their divorce has been fraught with animosity, with the couple now engaged in a violent custody battle over their six children – with Angelina making it plain she wants them to testify.

Since they separated in September 2016, the human rights champion has been battling Brad in court and has finally spoken out about her raw pain in the aftermath.

In an obviously emotional interview with the UK Guardian, Angelina described herself as “broken” by her terrible experiences.

She told the magazine that her anguish has lasted for more than 5 years since she divorced Brad, stating: “That is, it has been the past decade in some respects.

“There is much I am unable to express.”

“I believe that even if you and your close friends are the only ones who know the truth about your life, the things you fight for, what you sacrifice, or what you’ve endured, you come to peace with it regardless of what else is going on.”

Rights of the Children

Twins Vivienne and Knox, 13, Shiloh, 15, Zahara, 16, Pax, 17, and Maddox, 20, are the former couple’s children.

Earlier in the conversation, the Golden Globe winner discussed the disparities in the rights given to children in Europe and the United States.

Angelina reportedly wants her children to testify in the custody dispute after consulting with children’s therapists.

Previously unsealed court papers showed that three members of their brood were ready to do exactly that in front of a judge.

Upon being asked whether she had ever worried for her family, Angelina responded candidly: “Yes, for the sake of my family. Every member of my family.”

Additionally, she stated that she is not the type of person who makes snap choices like the ones she was forced to make. According to her, it took a lot to reach the point where she felt compelled to divorce the father of her children.

Angelina filed for custody of their children after accusations that Pitt was “abusive” to Maddox, their son, 15,  on a private jet trip from France to the United States.

The FBI and the Los Angeles County DCFS exonerated the actor of any misconduct after an investigation.

Battle is Still Going On

Judge John W. Ouderkirk awarded the Fight Club star joint custody in May.

However, Judge Ouderkirk was disqualified by a California appeals court for failing to reveal facts concerning Brad in a timely manner.

Judge Ouderkirk, who allegedly has a past with the former couple, married Brad and Angelina in 2014.

The lower courts are reported to have decided in Angelina’s favour to remove Judge Ouderkirk and vacate his custody decision.

Brad recently blasted Angelina’s custody victory and requested a “review” of the private court decision that nullified his 50-50 arrangement.

According to court documents acquired by PageSix, Brad will allegedly appeal to the California Supreme Court his ex-wife’s victory in their child custody dispute.

According to the actor’s attorneys, they are seeking a review in the Supreme Court of California since the temporary judge, who was appointed was repeatedly renewed by both parties, was improperly disqualified after rendering a fact-based, detailed, and custodial decision with a lengthy legal process involving multiple witnesses and experts.”

The celebrity pair, nicknamed Brangelina before, had spent millions already on their crucial high-profile custody fight.