2020 marks yet another tragedy, as the world is left devoid of yet another beautiful human being. Ann Getty, a business icon who will always live in the history of her philanthropic efforts which changed the lives of countless human beings, died at the age of 79.

She got a heart attack and was rushed to the nearest hospital, where she succumbed to the attack and died. Ann Getty was a lot more than what just met the eye. She was a publisher with a keen interest in arts and culture.

Ann Getty

The dedicated designer and active philanthropist dedicated her entire life to the promotion of fields of anthropology, publishing books on important topics, interior designing, and early childhood development for many lost children.

She was a happy wife to Gordan Getty, a billionaire music composer, who never misses any social events in his hometown of San Francisco.

Getty Never Had the Billionaire Lifestyle

Ann was an avid believer of the fact that humans are born to work. Sitting idle was not among her character traits. She was never complacent with her work and tried to do better every time.

Ann inherited this work ethic from her Puritan background as her parents used to own farms of walnuts and peaches.

While growing up, she dreamed intimately of growing up to become a scientist or tourist but she did not achieve her ambition.

Always Had the Giving Hand

Ann Getty changed the life of many people in need of her donations, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns. She had close ties with Gov. Gavin Newsom and she made sure to donate to the government till the very end.

She always seemed to be hosting some event at her house to raise money for some cause, with valet parkers seemingly standing by every night of the week for guests.

While raising four successful boys, she lent all her energy, resources, and charm to many philanthropic activities, as well as a few commercial ventures as honorable mentions.