The symptoms of the Coronavirus have appeared to be very clear. It was being said that rashes appearing on top of the skin are a clear symptom of COVID-19. However, recently, doctors have reported that if you have COVID, you might be getting rashes inside your mouth too. Although it is not one of the major and common symptoms, it’s something that can’t be ignored as many COVID-19 patients got rashes in their mouths.

In clinical terms, these rashes are given the name of the “Enanthem” and the U.S doctors are not finding it surprising at all. According to Dr. Michele Green of Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, It is a rash or small spot that appears on the mucous membrane. It is quite common in patients who have any sort of viral infection, including chickenpox or any foot, hand or mouth disease. It is a major characteristic of a lot of viral infections to affect the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Another COVID-19 Symptom Joins

This study was published on 15th July in JAMA Dermatology. The research was led by Dr. Juan Jimenez-Cauhe who teaches in the University Hospital Ramon Cajal in Madrid. He examined almost 21 COVID-19 patients and all of them had skin rashes. Out of these 21 patients, six of them had “Enanthem” inside their mouth, which means this symptom appeared in 29% of the COVID 19 patients ranging from 40 to 69 years of age. These rashes appeared almost two days before the other symptoms appeared and lasted for about 12 days. Later, with the recovery of the Corona patient, they disappeared on their own.

It was also noticed that these rashes were not the side effect of medications. They were the real symptom of COVID 19 but because this symptom is newly discovered and is still unknown, there are a lot of patients who don’t get their oral cavity checked. That is why it is necessary to aware of the general public about it.

This shows how complex this global pandemic has been for the world. Doctors and researchers are working hard, but new symptoms seem to emerge day by day. So, it is imperative not to take the pandemic lightly and take all the necessary precautions.