With the arrival of the fall, the fear of Coronavirus is increasing in countries all over the world. The question is becoming more and more worrisome, i.e., is there any chance that the coronavirus will return in the fall, and will it be worse than it was before?  The fear has alarmed the countries which had already been suffering from the damage that the first wave of coronavirus gave to them. 

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the US, nearly 8 million people suffered from the disease, out of which about 4 million people recovered and approximately 3 million people, young and old, died of the disease. Furthermore, the economy has also been affected on a large scale.

Christine Elliott, deputy premier of Ontario, said in a conference, “whether this is the start of the second wave or not, it certainly has our attention and we are dealing with it”.

People have started going to jobs, kids have continued going to school, but because it is the start of the fall and the flu season has also begun, there are chances of coronavirus cases to rise.

 The main question is: “What can we do to stop the disease from getting out of our control and how can we protect ourselves?”

Economists believe that until a coronavirus vaccine is discovered and is widely distributed, we are more likely to get the waves and because it’s not the first wave, we know what things to do and what to avoid. The countries which have already controlled the first wave of coronavirus are less likely to be affected.

Coronavirus How to StopNo drugs in the US are shown effective against the disease and in this case, the only defense we have against the coronavirus is stopping the transmission of the disease. Lockdown is not an option this time because we don’t want the economy to fall to zero.

The different governments of the world are adopting different methods to control the disease. The US government has adopted the basic principle of testing and tracing. The main focus of health organizations is on tracking the regions where the virus is present. The other idea is giving immunity doses until we find the cure.

To stop the waves from hitting the US, the only thing we can do is to stop its transmission. Once the transmission of the virus from individual to individual is stopped, we can control the disease.