The temperature of the Antarctic region is increasing rapidly due to climate change. The melting of ice is accelerating and is already six times faster than 40-50 years ago. Two hundred and fifty-two gigatons of ice is slipping away every year in Antarctica. Scientists believe that this is because global warming has increased in the past 40 years, resulting in climate change and climate change is leading towards high temperatures day by day.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center uses radars and lasers to measure the thickness and movement of the ice and how it is shrinking or thickening. It is reported that the amount of ice melting every second is equal to the water in five Olympic swimming pools.

This warming of the ocean is causing the Antarctic krill to move southwards. It is believed that other species will also move towards the poles with a further increase in the temperature of the region.

Increased Temperature in Antarctica The Antarctic Krill MovesAccording to the British Antarctic Survey, krills are the most abundant creatures in the oceans, approximately 780 trillion in number. The normal length of krill used to be 6.5 cm but due to the change in their favorable environment, their length has increased and their mass has decreased. These are food for many bigger species in the ocean like whales, penguins, etc., thus, their migration will also affect their predators.

The Antarctic Ocean is the home of most krills. The increased temperature of the ocean is not favorable for krills to reproduce and young krills are more likely to die. Therefore, they are moving towards the South Pole. If this movement doesn’t stop, it will have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Because krills are the food for the penguins of Antarctica and they will not find enough krills to eat. Furthermore, the competition to get food will increase between animals and this will eventually destroy the wood web someday.

Climate is changing severely and the main reason behind this is human activities. The way we are polluting the atmosphere is resulting in a greenhouse effect, global warming, and climate change. If we stop releasing carbon dioxide into the air from our factories, the planet may start to heal.

The temperature is forcing the krills to move southwards. If they don’t the warmed ocean might kill the krills.