ANTIOCH, California – a man found dead in San Francisco from a possible improvised explosive device (IED) sent everyone in the vicinity into lockdown and bomb squads into action reported on Monday.

On Monday, around 7:30 am, state police responded to an emergency call and found a white dead man on the street, revealed dept representative Darryl Saffold to East County on 1 Feb.

“The unresponsive man had suffered ‘severe trauma’ and was determined to be deceased after a check of his vital signs”, Saffold said.

Soon after that, authorities called the bomb squad from Walnut Creek Police Department as they found wires around the body, which they believe to be linked to an improvised explosive device, Saffold reported.

The body of the man who police expect to be in his 50s was found in the East Bay city’s residential area. The discovery of the dead man prompted nearby schools into lockdowns and the neighborhood into closure during the police investigation, as per the police dept post on Facebook.

“Please do not call 9-1-1 unless you have a LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY,”  the dept wrote in the post.

Around 3:00 pm in the afternoon, the authorities lifted the lockdown order. However, questions remain.

“Shelter-in-place has been lifted. Thank you for your patience”, Antioch Police Tweeted.

Saffold, while addressing the news outlets told, the authorities have not identified the dead body yet. “Police don’t know if the man’s death, which they’re calling ‘suspicious,’ was intentional or accidental”, he added.

“The victim suffered severe trauma,” he said. “And so we aren’t ruling anything out.”

Previously, the state encountered similar homicides cases. However, they don’t believe them to be linked with each other or have anything to do with Monday’s killing.

Police responded to a welfare call and found double homicides on Saturday and an unresponsive man last week after responding to gunfire reports outside a liquor store. The man later died due to severe injuries.

Several federal and local agencies were called to investigate, East Bay Times reported. On Monday afternoon, the FBI and other officials were seen with bomb-smelling dogs at the location.

“The FBI, ATF, and Walnut Creek Police bomb squad were just a few of the law enforcement agencies called to investigate a crime scene in Antioch where a man was found dead with an explosive device”, KTVU Tweeted.