Anya Taylor-Joy, who portrayed the role of an aspiring singer in the 1960s in the famous Last night in Soho was not the original choice for this role.

According to reports, she was not supposed to play the role of Sandie who meets Jack in the film and her life changes the track completely.

The psychological thriller which is narrated from the view of a fashion student Eloise (a role played by Thomasin McKenzie) embarked on new horizons over the cast after its critical acclaim from the critics.

The film shows how Eloise travels back in time through her mysterious vision regarding Sandie and discovers the ill fate that made her lose her life.

Anya Taylor-Joy was approached to play the role of Eloise initially instead of Sandie for the thriller film which is directed by the great Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright stated, “with Anya, we originally talked about her playing Eloise and then, I guess in the three years between me talking to her about it and actually having a screenplay, she had really grown on screen.”

Wright further told Newsweek that “I felt that, seeing her in other roles, that maybe she’d be good in the 60s part. And luckily, she absolutely 100 percent agreed.”

The filmmaker who also directed Shaun of the Dead was all praises for Anna Taylor-Joy and McKenzie. He called them “two of the best up-and-coming actresses at the moment.”

Last night in Soho will be a special film as it will have the late Diana Rigg appear on-screen for the last time. Her role as Ms. Collins will mark her final role onscreen before her death in September 2020.

Edgar Wright praised the late actress stating “I mean; I can be sad that she’s gone or I can be happy that I got to work with her at all. So, I chose the latter.”

Last night in Soho will be released in cinemas and theaters across America on 29th October 2021. The film is set in the 60s era and is said to pay a cultural tribute to the era of glamor and beauty.