The 21st century’s biggest problem lies in the privacy issue. ‘How can I safely surf the web or send a text without leaving my information behind for tech firms’ is the biggest question on everyone’s lips. With Facebook’s recent hearings and WikiLeaks, many are raising the questions of whether we’re being watched every step of the way.

Mark Zuckerberg recently commented on how the future of communication technology will most likely shift towards protecting personal data. People will be more concerned with leading a private life without having themselves be exposed. People are already concerned about the messages on the internet and whether or not they stay there forever or disappear.

This privacy-focused future is more likely where we’re all headed. This is where Facebook has to compete with Apple to establish a firm ground.

Where is the Competition?

Facebook considers iMessage to be its biggest competitor and understands it will continue to be so if they don’t do anything about it. The company has an infinite resource pool but because their overall growth has slowed down over the recent years, they are measuring their options. Zuckerberg understands that there is a growing need for small groups and private messaging and therefore also understands that they are the areas to target. The folks over at Facebook already sent a message with their 2014 acquisition of WhatsApp.

Now imagine this: recent hints and updates from the company show that they are more aligned towards unifying all the communication tech they own. This means WhatsApp, Instagram Direct as well as Messenger and creates something nobody has ever seen.

This move however faces its own battles because the iMessage comes in the form of a default app in the iPhone which is one of the world’s leading smartphones. This makes Apple the biggest competitor by far, one that they cannot acquire.

Apple on the other hand has ended up monetizing the app by adding the business chat function that allows users to connect to several companies around the world for a fee. This move also improves brand recognition through the P2P function of the iMessage. Apple has been on the verge of improving its services for quite some time now. They too understand the same context and therefore are increasingly focusing on improving communications tech. The two new features are proof that Apple is not going to back down from Facebook anytime soon.