According to a company-wide meeting held by optimistic CEO Tim Cook on Thursday, Apple employees may have to prepare for layoffs. Bloomberg reported that the virtual meeting was held to discuss Apple’s plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, which caused the company to close almost all its stores worldwide. Cook admitted that Apple will inevitably be affected, but still believes that Apple will rebound. “If we continue to focus on what we do best, if we continue to invest, if we manage the business wisely and make decisions collaboratively, if we take care of the team, if our team takes care of their work, I can’t see anything but optimism Other than that, there is no reason. “Cook said to the employees.

Cook said that Apple is in a good financial situation in the crisis and will continue to invest in research and development during this period. Apple will continue to release new Products-Wednesday’s iPhone SE release that proves this. Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams talked about how a pandemic highlights the importance of Apple’s health products. According to Williams, some countries are now accelerating to assist Apple in launching the ECG function of the Apple Watch. This feature is currently not available in countries such as Australia and China.

However, Apple employees will not completely get rid of the devastating impact of the coronavirus crisis on the economy. Although Cook pointed out that Apple was still paying salaries to retail employees when it closed the store, he admitted that he might lay off employees because of his focus on the company’s long-term survival. Cook is not sure when Apple’s office will be reopened to those who have jobs, but he said it may conduct temperature checks and social alienation measures. Apple’s senior vice president of retail and human resources, Deirdre O’Brien, added that people in need can flexibly arrange return to work and reimburse employees for unused holidays for the rest of the year.

Cook warned that Apple “cannot be immune to global economic trends,” but emphasized that people attending the meeting told Bloomberg that Apple will continue to invest a lot of money in research and development.

When asked if Apple would lay off employees, Cook said the company was in a financially favorable position and was in crisis, noting that it continued to pay retail workers while closing physical stores. The CEO added: “I will not tell you that Apple will not be affected.”

Apple opened its first retail store outside China in South Korea on Thursday. Bloomberg reported that the company is expected to reopen its US store in early May.