Apple announced that it will be releasing iOS 15 which will be fully loaded with new features and will be available 5 days prior to the official release of the recently announced latest model of the iPhone.

The giant tech company-  Apple, announced that it will be launching its new iOS system with the recently announced iPhone models – the next generation of iPhone.

Apple announced that the iOS 15 will be composed of new features which are totally updated with the bugs fixed from the last iOS 14.8.

iOS 15 – When will it be released?

Apple had announced the release of iOS 15 initially in June 2021 and had also made it available for beta testing in the following month. Now the company has announced that it will be officially available to iPhone users from 20th September 2021 – just five days before the official release of iPhone 13.

What are the new features of iOS 15?

There are a lot of upgraded features in the new iOS 15, announced by Apple. One of them is FaceTime. FaceTime will be accentuated more like Zoom, where you can view all the participants of the video chat in a grid view. It will also allow you to schedule the calls and share links of the call through browsers enabled on Android as well as Microsoft Windows devices.

The Share Play feature will be added soon which will make it easier to share, listen or watch music or videos with a friend while talking to them in a separate small window.

Notifications will be modified into a new crispy look making the apps appear more intricately appealing to the eyes.

Safari is said to receive an overhaul which will make it user-friendly as well as the search bar

will be shifted to the bottom of the screen.

The Apple map is also undergoing an upgrade, with more elevated data regarding roads and streets and more crisp driving directions, night mode improvement, and 3D landmarks.

More upgrades are promised but they will be analyzed after the official release of the iOS 15, to check whether the promised upgrades lived up to the expectations or not.