The newly launched Apple Watch Series 7 is said to have the largest display of any watch to date.

It is launched in two sizes 41mm and 45mm which is termed as “unique” by the Apple executives.

The Vice President of Product Marketing of Apple, Stan Ng stated that increasing the size of the watch without increasing anything was a challenge that required “completely re-engineering the display, the front crystal, the internals, and the internal enclosure.”

Apple fine-lined Apple Watch Series 7’s border from 1.7mm to a whopping 3mm which was earlier projected in the series 6.

The Series 7 was introduced in September but the launch was officially delayed till October because of the complicated design which needed to be assured that it would not backfire.

The increment in size was only possible after Apple paved the way into technology which enabled no compromise on the features offered by the Apple Watch.

The touch sensor of the watch was upgraded to an OLED panel which upgraded the height of the Apple watch while the general size remains the same.

“The re-engineered display on Series 7 is a major technical innovation. Growing the display is such a huge benefit to users, but only if it doesn’t compromise any other part of the experience, such as comfort or aesthetics or battery life or band compatibility.”

The company’s Vice President Alan Dye said the main goal of the company was “to make the user experience more clear and more accessible.” He further stated we knew this was an opportunity to optimize the design of the entire experience. So, we went about over the past couple of years reconsidering and recrafting every element, making hundreds of really small but we think important and impactful changes to make the UI work in harmony with the new display design and making the UI even easier to use.”

Apple plans to keep on innovating the Apple Watch Series in order to give the users the best possible experience, maximum information displayed, and cut down extra space.