The world of the internet is fully loaded with ads that surround us in our online existence. Although we are quite good at ignoring ads, advertisers, nowadays, are far more clever. They have adopted better ways of tracking out interests and habits.

Targeted advertising is something that includes discovering information about a consumer’s interests, traits, and preferences by tracking his/her activity on any online platform and after tracking that information, displaying multiple ads to him/her.

Let’s suppose that you approach any online bookstore in search of Paulo Coelho’s novel, i.e. “The Alchemist”, you look for it and add it to your cart. The particular website creates a file on your computer called “cookie”. Later, whenever you are online on any platform, the automated advertisements will read the cookie and will start displaying ads such as “other novels of Paulo Coelho”

Targeted Ads How to Stop Targeted AdsThe advertisements are beneficial until you buy the product because you find a great variety of products through these automated ads and you end up buying the one you like. But after you have bought the product, you don’t want to see these ads anymore and these ads are not going anywhere. These will tease you for a long time.

In this case, you will eventually think of getting rid of these ads. So, if you’ve been stalked by the targeted ads and are looking for ways to stop them from stalking you, follow the steps below:

Ad Blocker

Keep in mind that nothing you do on an online platform is private. After that, the first thing you have to do to stop these targeted ads is to install an ad-blocker on your device. By doing this, you can get rid of 80% of the ads.


Don’t let advertisers learn too much about you. Share as little information as you can on online platforms. Don’t add products to the cart unless you want to buy.


Regularly delete cookies by going to the “privacy settings” of your web browser. Also, don’t let websites to track you with the help of settings.

About Ads

You might have seen this option “About Ads” on websites. You can click on that and then ask the website to stop showing these ads. This will eliminate targeted ads by up to 70%. Still, you will see some ads and the particular website will ask you to pay for ad-blocking. Do so if you want.

The above steps can help you stop targeted ads to stalk you by up to 95%. The remaining 5% of ads will stalk you for your entire life.