There are a number of questions popping in everyone’s mind. Are we getting another stimulus check? Is Washington considering sending out a 4th stimulus check? Since March, the IRS has distributed a third series stimulus payments of 165 million and is continuing to do so on a weekly basis. However, certain members of Congress are now advocating for the addition of a fourth check, either as recurring payments or one-time checks. Others in Washington, though, argue that the funds will be best used elsewhere.

Regarding the pandemic’s requirement for a recurring monthly payment of $1000, Pramila Jayapal has said that People not only require relief but they also need certainty, predictability, and stability. However, people from Congress say that there is no need for a fourth stimulus check right now.

Are we getting another stimulus check? As of now, the US President has made no commitment to a fourth stimulus check, and none of Biden’s proposed stimulus proposals includes one. (The letter you might have got from Biden earlier this month refers to the third stimulus check and not the fourth.) Still, the presented proposals provide more opportunities to earn thousands of dollars in savings or tax breaks, including a proposed infant tax allowance of $3,600 per child and up to $16,000 in tax exemptions for child care costs such as day camp and after-school care. We’ll communicate what we learn. In the meantime, here’s how to check on the status of your tax refund and determine if the IRS owes you payment for a past tax refund.

Can Biden’s plans include a fourth stimulus payment?

The American Rescue Plan, which was adopted in March, was Biden’s first aid program, including its $1,400 checks, $300 in additional weekly unemployment aid, and a 2022 extension of the child tax credit. (Confirm that you are qualified for recurring child tax credit payments.)

Biden’s administration is pushing for two stimulus follow-up bills in 2021. At this stage, neither plan calls for a new stimulus check. Democrats in the Senate and the House, on the other hand, have thrown their support behind the fourth installment of stimulus checks, which will include monthly or recurring payments. Earlier this month, a delegation of ten progressive members of Congress, including Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, urged Biden to incorporate monthly stimulus payments (PDF) in his next stimulus package.

In a statement, the delegation said that they urge the President to provide recurring direct benefits and compulsory unemployment benefits enhancements that are conditional on economic circumstances in the long-term economic strategy for Build Back Better. A few weeks later, another party of 21 Democrats approached Biden with a related appeal.

The stimulus check of $1400 was also removed from early plans on what will become the December 2020 stimulus legislation – with a late decision to incorporate the $600 stimulus check to squeeze in.

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The arrival of the next stimulus ‘check’ payment

The American Rescue Plan includes three forms of payments, one of which is the stimulus check of $1,400 and it is likely that a potential bill will expand or increase funding for direct grants to certain categories of applicants, such as parents earning less than a minimum income level or individuals who are unemployed.

In March 2021. three forms of direct payments that were approved in the bill are as follows:

Stimulus checks: Individuals who fulfill the criteria have been receiving up to $1,400 in one-time stimulus payments. (Here’s what you need to do for “plus-up” payments for individuals that might collect additional funds in addition to what they already received.)

Tax credit for children: For 2021, the child tax benefit would be increased to $3,600 per child for eligible families – you can measure the child tax credit total online. These periodic payments will continue until the end of the year, with the last payment scheduled for 2022.

Federal Unemployment Bonus: Before Sept. 6, a monthly government unemployment check of up to $300 is being sent, in addition to the state’s benefits for unemployed individuals.

Future checks could be changed forms

The third pillar of Biden’s economic stimulus policy, named the American Families Plan, may entail increased funding for individual and family assistance. This is how.

Payments on a periodic basis must be approved: Congress is expected to increase support for Biden’s American Families Plan initiative next. This is the point at which Democratic senators are urging Biden to advocate for recurrent fourth stimulus checks amid pandemic.

Make the increase in the child tax credit permanent: Payments from the extended child tax credit are scheduled to begin in July, with lower- and middle-income households with children receiving annual payments. Biden urged the Senate and the House to continue the extended child tax credit through 2025 in his address to Congress. Others, including Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, favor keeping the credit permanent, arguing that it would help millions of children out of poverty.

A minimum increase in wage must be passed: Some lawmakers are also exploring options to increase the federal minimum wage, which is now $7.25 per hour. Biden urged lawmakers to increase the minimum wage to $15 in his address to Congress. Romney and Kyrsten Sinema, all of whom are senators, have also proposed a hike. Such supporters seek to raise the bar at $15 an hour, although others want to lower it to $11. Sanders said that any senator who thinks this is the last moment they can decide about whether or not to offer 32 million Americans a raise is gravely mistaken. According to a February Brookings Institute survey, a $15 minimum wage will help 37 percent of US households achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Extend the period of federal unemployment benefits into September: Along with annual benefits, the ten democratic senators demanded that Biden expand federal unemployment aid into September in their letter to Biden.