Ariana has recently shared her feelings about the TikTok users who impersonate her and term their actions as ‘bizarre.’ According to her, it is an act of degrading the originality of the art.

In most cases, artists pay no heed to the medium that presents their work, except it was categorized as making a ‘trend’ out of your work which occurs luckily.

However, it does get on the nerves of Ariana Grande to see her one of the most ideal characters being popular on TikTok. No star ever let goes any chance of admiration on several platforms, but to a few, it seems to be lowering the standard of their work.

The character of Ariana was not only admired but had been taken onto another level. The goodness of character can be recognized by being starred in two TV shows; Victorious and Sam & Cat.

Ariana expressed her stance before om the viral videos. She raised the subject by pointing out the people who could not resist remaking her high ponytail look.

Jordan Firstman, a writer and actor, uploaded a story speaking up the same as Ariana. His video story was reposted by Ariana that mentioned imitating lowers the value of the work.

To Ariana, this is not the first time that people are so in love with her on-screen character that they mimic it. According to her, previously there were a few incidents when her fans mimicked her.

A video content creator in November 2019 got overnight fame on various social channels. The TikTok user faked looks from Cat Valentine‘s character.

It had not only bothered Ariana but she also took Twitter as a platform to respond to this act of mirroring her.

She first mapped exemplary details of her sweet-sounding character and assured its quality. And then went on by remarking on the people who were simply taking away the essence of her character by mimicking it.

Conclusively, it has been deduced that next time being conscious and thoughtful before imitating a star is the safest option to go on with.