Ariana Grande beats all odds this year, and rises as the undisputed Hallowqueen, thanks to her insane sea creature costume. If there had been a costume contest among Hollywood celebrities on the occasion of Halloween, Ariana Grande would’ve won easily with mass popularity.

The pop star recently turned into a businesswoman dressed up as Miss Creature from the Black Lagoon, which the fans legit loved to the core.

Grande went one step too far this Halloween after she created a movie poster that had herself as the center monster titled “Amazing! Startling! Shocking!”

Ariana Grande went a step ahead and involved her husband, Dalton Gomez in the look as well who was transformed as a “handsome scuba man.”

Ariana Grande had put great effort in bringing up the costume together to align it with the art direction, costume, and even the prosthetic makeup.

Fans went totally berserk after they saw the transformed photographs of Ariana Grande. One of the fans wrote on social media “Mariah is the queen of Christmas while Ariana is the queen of Halloween.”

Another one applauded the pop singer’s efforts and wrote “Ariana Grande always understood the Halloween assignment.”

Joan Grande, the mother of the pop singer was one of the first ones to give her approval of the dress to the young people. she stated “this is the greatest Halloween costume and pairing and couple!!!!!WOW!!!!!”

If there had been a competition of the best aesthetically dressed celebrity on the occasion of Halloween it would have gone to Ariana Grande without a doubt.

She donned the spookiest costume which was epically nostalgic. Grande stated “go big, or go home!” this weekend and proved it in her own sweet style.