Republicans from Arizona are taking the matter of censure seriously and made sure to censure prominent figures. These prominent figures also included people who were indifferent to Trump losing the elections.

Arizona voted for Joe Biden and the republicans blame the people who were not guided by the senators from this area. Therefore, they are censured in this tenure because Arizona was Republican, and they lost to Biden in this state.

The Republican Party from Arizona is pushing the Republicans to be blind supporters of Trump in his cause for elections. Trump believed that the elections are fraudulent and used every technique in the book to revert the decision but failed.

Kelli Ward is one of the names that has gained popularity among the party activists and was reelected. She has been taking part in every campaign of Trump be it senseless to a point that it was not true at all to support him.

The state GOP will have to struggle against their own in Arizona as they are increasing in number. Another important thing to factor in this scenario is that the Arizona GOP and state GOP have contrasting views.

Loyalty to a single person is not the attribute of the party unless they are sticking to a cause. In Trump’s scenario, many people from state Republicans do not believe him to be true to his words.

Trump’s role on the 6th of January Riots in the Capitol is not justified at any cost and this dilemma is hitting the party as of now. If they show support to this man, they are indirectly supporting his violent approach from the Capitol.

People were pushed towards violence trying to seek justice for Donald Trump as he lost his race for the Oval Office. And out of the 4 congressmen from Republicans, 2 of them supported this violent act by the people.

Biden’s victory from the Arizona state is indigestible as he is the only Democrat to win this state in over 5 decades. It was not anticipated by the Republicans at all and this made the Arizona Republicans skeptical of the entire situation.

The censures were against every Republican who was every in support of Biden in any form of a statement or physical support of him. McCain and Ducey are censured and their complaints are being taken lightly at the headquarters of Arizona Republicans as they are happy with their decision.