In a new interesting development in the Facebook rebranding, an Arizona computer retailer by the name of Meta PCs has come into the news as it is challenging Facebook’s new identity saying they already filed to trademark the name from them a year ago.

If this news is correct and true, as reported by TMZ, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg will have to give big bucks to buy the name they were planning to give their controversial company. Owners Joe Darger and Zack Shutt have also shared the filing document for the trademark application for their Meta PCs.

Facebook however does not seem too concerned regarding the development as they believe they are good for the rebrand. The Guardian reported how that might be possible as Meta PCs have an older date for the trademark filing. 

A law professor at the University of California School of Law, Mark P McKenna explained that Facebook might be able to get the name Meta if they use a filling document with an older date from another country, to file for the rights in the U.S. This is a loophole that other big companies have successfully used in the past.

“They look for a little country without a searchable system and then file there. That would be a way for them to have an earlier date.” said McKenna according to Guardian adding, “In the U.S., rights aren’t created by trademark registration – the rights arise out of use.”

Meta PCs’ owners seem to take the matter seriously while also having moments of amusement with the situation. They released a parody video on Twitter last Thursday, impersonating Zuckerberg’s own when he announced to make Facebook Inc. Meta. According to the report by TMZ, the owners are ready to sell the rights for the name to Facebook for the price of $20 million.

The owners believe giving up the name is a big deal for the company as it would require them to rebrand themselves entirely. There are no confirmations or even concrete news regarding what the name is legally going to be as both companies seem to be confident about their position.