Sun Devil Stadium has recently been renovated and it is expected that Arizona State Soccer will play two games there.

The head coach of ASU soccer is expecting the team to perform well after this long break. The team is in high morale, as they vie to consolidate their position for the rest of the tournament.

All eyes are on the opening game of ASU Soccer against UTEP on 4 February. They will play their second game against New Mexico State on 7 February.

As the stadium has been newly renovated, the experts believe that it needs some time to develop. But for now, the focus remains on making the most out of the stadium so that the team feels at home.

The renovation of this stadium was a part of a $15.4 million deal.

The season was postponed due to COVID-19. These games are going to be held in February as a replacement to the games which were left in the fall semester.

The team has been staying at Sun Devil Stadium ever since and they will try to make the most out of it.

The team has prepared for this game for a long time and they are going to outshine their opponents on the field. The Arizona state has to organize 16 events in six days.

The coach is confident that his team is going to perform well in the upcoming matches. His expectations are high because the team has been practicing in the same stadium for a long time