Arizona wildfire continue to blaze with increasing intensity with each passing second. The wildfire which is wind-driven tripled in size in no time forcing thousands of people to flee to safer grounds.

The Arizona wildfire which is also called the tunnel fire has burned over 25,000 acres up till now.

According to the U.S forest service, the tunnel fire started from the northeast mainly from the hills and valleys in the north of Flagstaff, Arizona which was largely unpopulated.

The wildfire is wind-driven and swiftly moving towards the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument at the moment which also has several hiking trails as well as a visitor center.

Up till now, more than 2000 residents have been displaced from their houses because of the wildfire which is driven by the traditional gusty winds.

According to the sheriff’s office, more than 25 structures have been completely burned down as fire moved towards timberline estates communities and Wupatki trails – which are largely built in the pine forest.

The Arizona wildfire was first reported around 4:30 pm on Sunday and up till now, zero percent containment has been possible because of the gusty winds.

The cause of the wildfire is under investigation at the moment.

The National Weather Service released a red flag warning for Thursday as winds will be highly conducive for the fire to grow more rapidly.

The NWS has said that winds will be stronger on Friday so this might be bad news in the current scenario as the wildfire is raging at the moment.

Authorities have already given a heads up to people located in the south of Prescott and north of Flagstaff in Arizona to vacate their properties and leave for safer grounds.

If there is any dry grass near your place, clean it up on an immediate basis as the wind and dry grass will fuel up the blazing wildfire even more. So far, no injuries or casualties have been reported even though there have been structures reduced to ashes after fire encompassed them completely.