Arkansas fans were thrilled recently because of the recent victory against the Oral Roberts as they did not stop their chants even after the players had left the floor. The game was literally one of the most exciting ones played recently which has marked that the Arkansas Razorbacks are now back again.

The game was very close with just two seconds left when Devonte Davis hit a short jumper giving the lead and the game to the Arkansas Razorbacks by 72-20 as for the very first time in 26 years they have advanced to the elite eight with their win over the Oval Roberts in the South Region Semifinals.

Arkansas back in the elite eight after 26 years

Devonte Davis who had scored the winning point with a total of 16 in the game says that it is absolutely amazing to be in this position right now being an Arkansas player.

The game started very hard for Arkansas as they went from the first half of the game to the second with the Oval Roberts in the lead by 12 points after a myriad of bad shots and even worse defense.

The Razorbacks then went from defense to offense as they scored points after the point where they reached a tying score of 70-70 with just 3 seconds left on the timer. Then came Devonte Davis with his one final shot and scoring, once again putting the Arkansas Razorbacks in the elite eight after a long 26 years’ period.

The next match for the Arkansas Razorbacks the South region finals against the Top-seeded Baylor is on Monday.

Musselman who joined the program when asked about how he was currently feeling said that he has no words to describe his feelings saying that it is absolutely incredible making it into the elite eight in just his second year.

The Golden eagles on the other hand just lost a huge piece of history as if they had won this match they would become the first No.15 seed to reach the Elite Eight, however, mitigated by not only the Razorbacks but a long series of missed shots and turnovers.

Max Abmas from the Golden Eagles had tried very hard to make this match a win by scoring 25 points for the first time in 47 years however lady luck was not on his side. He was disappointed by this loss as he stated that the Job was not getting to sweet 16 but to become the National Champion however they are proud of what they have achieved and will celebrate it for the remainder of their lives.