The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison has committed 270 billion to upgrade the defense of the country. On Wednesday, the prime minister said that 270 billion Australian dollars would be spent in making new long-range missiles and in developing further capabilities to deal with any and all potential threats.

According to the prime minister, the coronavirus pandemic is not the only dangerous thing to worry about. The post-pandemic world is going to become more dangerous. The prime minister said that their renewed focus will be on Australia’s immediate region.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused such massive economic damage to the world that Australia had not seen since World War 2. The tensions between the United States and China, as well as India and China are alarming.

The risks of conflicts between regions are heightened. Regional military modernization is our priority at the moment.

The bigger regional conflict is expected to happen between China and the United States. Both the countries are racing to gain more influence over other countries. Moreover, they want supremacy in political, economic, and technical matters.

Head of Australian National University’s Professor Rory Medcalf said that it was such a great decision by the Australian government. He said that Australian military needed to get the government’s nod, to enhance its defense.

PM further said that Australia will invest to make long-range strike weapons and develop new capabilities.