Arsenal supporters have been with the team through every thick and thin. But this time around they have voiced their opinions very strongly about the team’s performance.

This time, a poster of Kroenke has been flying up in the sky for almost 5 minutes. Kroenke has suffered this kind of criticism previously as well but it was different this time. The notice reads “Back Arteta, Kroenke out”. The banner’s cost was £1,700. Here the problem is highlighted and the irony too. The COVID-19 has been the reason of displeasure for many. Everyone is affected in one way or another, including those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Similarly, Arteta’s team has suffered economically due to the viral disease. A drastic downfall in its earning comes on the front despite their effort to conceal it.

Almost six strategies have been implemented by Arteta for his team to make it to the Europa League. The league is not even close to The Champions’ League when evaluating the expenses and standards.

Arsenal For The First Time Remains Off Arteta acknowledges the places where his management affects the team. But even after that several players on the team are not in form. On the pitch, one needs a constant spirit; to win or to lose is a different matter altogether, but to engage actively and wildly is our play. Names like Lucas Torreira, Nicolas Pepe, Sead Kolasinac, etc. have shown poor performance on the ground.

Arteta not only makes financial threat and that’s the best that could be done but this approach so far has not brought up any improvements. After a drastic downfall from £34 million to £19 million, Arteta has canceled the contract of £350,000 per week with Mesut Ozil.

All these facts contributed to Arsenal’s downfall that they are currently facing. Arteta mentioned in an address that the team has to go through waxing and waning of everything but together.

The gunners have been hit by some haunting realities which will not only affect them individually but the entire football club will see changes in the coming time.

An exchange of views has been fixed between Watford and Arsenal to take care of their downtime. It could be a life and death subject to Arsenal.