A report presented in the US Congress has highlighted the fact that baby food available in the market contains Arsenic, Lead, and other toxic materials that are injurious to health.

Authorities have called out for a high-profile investigation into the matter.

The shocking facts about the contamination of baby food were published in a report published by the House Subcommittee on Economic And Consumer Policy.

Some of the recognized brands are also involved in this malpractice, and all of them have come up with their versions of the matter. The companies have claimed that these heavy metals are excessively present in the soil, and therefore, they make it into the baby food as well.

As the situation stands, the companies have promised to look into the matter.

There should be a strict policy to combat the situations – where any company involved in such a crime – must be held accountable.

The only heavy metal arsenic is being monitored by the FDA and there are specific guidelines in place, regarding its usage in baby food. There is no such restriction on any other toxic material that is used in food for babies.

The FDA will have to come up with new rules that will allow a limited amount of heavy metal to be used in the food.

The US government has directed the parents to be cautious of the rice cereals that is used as basic solid food for infants.

The most important thing to note here is that the parents should use natural food for their children. Instead of giving their children juices or any other artificial product, it is better to opt for organic products.