President-elect Joe Biden’s daughter has become more vocal for her parents as they are going through a transition phase.

Ashley Biden made an appearance in Today’s Show where she expressed her thoughts about her parents. She has given her insight into the situation as her parents are going to assume key roles in the country.

There has been no warm welcome from Trump or the First lady to the Biden family, contradicting to the tradition.

Ashley Biden is disappointed that President Trump and First Lady, Melania Trump have gone against the ritual that has been followed religiously by all the out-going presidents.

Ashley believes that her mother is going to be the one to make her father believe in himself as he becomes the president. This is going to be a difficult task for her as well, and not seeing a welcoming gesture from first lady Melania makes it even more difficult.

Ashley Biden has stayed out of the spotlight. She has supported her father throughout his presidential campaign, and she wants to continue her support throughout this tenure as the President.

In the Washington DC riots on January 6th people stormed the Capitol in an attempt to sabotage the proceedings of the Congress. It will go down in history as one of the darkest days of American history in the modern era.

The National Guard is on a high-alert for Biden’s inauguration day. Ashley Biden fears for the life of his father on Inauguration day but she believes that the National Guard and the Secret Service will manage the situation quite well.