Justice Brett Kavanaugh who serves as an Associate Justice at the Supreme Court contracted contagious Covid-19 just days before the new term’s commencement.

Brett Kavanaugh, who had been fully vaccinated since January 2021, stated that he did not experience any symptoms of coronavirus. The test result came positive just moments before the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony in the honor of Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

All the justices were tested for Covid-19 on Monday before the commencement of the new term as a ritual. The rest of the justices were tested negative except for Brett Kavanaugh.

The court released a statement saying that the 56 years old Associate Justice will not be attending the investiture ceremony of Amy Coney Barrett.

The Supreme Court had previously announced that it will begin the new term on an oral basis which had gone virtual for more than a year now. It was announced that the courtroom will be returning to be conducted but in limited space and the court hearings and buildings will not entertain the general public.

The courtrooms were announced to be open to justices, journalists, and attorneys.

The High Court and the Supreme Court had switched to virtual format last spring for the very first time in history due to the coronavirus pandemic as it closed in-person meetings at all the courts, law schools, business premises and other government authorized buildings.

The Supreme Court spokesperson did not respond immediately over the query of Associate Justice testing positive for coronavirus. It was not known whether Kavanaugh will be undertaking a follow-up Covid-19 test or not.