A couple of Republican senators went on a trip and visited an immigration holding facility today in Texas. After the visit was finished, the GOP senators gave their reactions to the media and they said that they were concerned because of the crowded nature of the facility.

The GOP senator from Indiana, Mike Braun, gave his reaction to the media stating that the Custom and Border Protection Facility in Donna Texas was very overcrowded. Accompanying him, Senator James Lankford from Oklahoma reacted to the facility and said that he was stunned and in shock when he roamed around the site.

No Space for Children?

Senator Lankford also described the conditions inside the cells stating that each and every one of the cells inside the facility was jam-packed and the entire floor was covered with small children, some sitting at the edges because of not being able to find some floor space to sit on.

The two Republican Senators belong to a group consisting of more than a dozen Republican senators who have come to visit the Rio Grande Valley amidst the massive backlash faced by the Biden Administration as the Southern Borders are jam-packed with migrants arriving from South America.

With this massive influx at the Southern Borders, the current administration is trying very hard to control the situation. The Border Control Officials have stated that they are only letting children and small families through the border as neighboring Mexico refuses to let them inside.

Phone Numbers on their Foreheads

Senator Braun also expressed that due to this jam-packed nature of the facility, he is very concerned about the safety of the children because of the currently raging pandemic. He also said that he was very sorry to hear from the officials on the facility that many children had numbers of their relatives who were already in the US written on their hands and sometimes even on their foreheads.

The Biden Administration had recently released a few photos and videos of the facilities in Donna and El Paso where the children were shown to be living in somewhat ‘humane’ conditions however Senator Lankford recalls that the overcrowded nature of the facility is so appalling that there were agents had to line up children just to go into the bathrooms.

Infected Children

Lankford also mentioned that there was a small recreation area outdoors where children were being tested for COVID-19 which was also jam-packed and that around 15 children had tested positive, which concerns him that those children were sitting extremely close to the other before their test results came in.

The solution to this crowded problem for the children according to Lankford can be solved by processing their asylum claims while they are inside the facility.