Atlanta – Five teenagers were shot by the police outside a local diner in the downtown area of Atlanta. Two of the injured teenagers carjacked a vehicle to reach the hospital for the treatment of their wounds.

The two teenagers took the car at point blank to reach the hospital.

Deputy Chief of Police, Timothy Peek stated to the reporters that five teenagers, three males and two females, got into a fight outside a waffle house ocated near Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta.

The teenagers were all aged between 15 to 19 years. The teenagers got wounded after being shot at a waffle house which is closely situated near Centennial Olympic Park.

The two males of the group carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint from a valet parking. There was valet staff at the crime scene but nobody could make a move or stop them. When the officers arrived, the teenagers had already left the crime scene.

According to the police, all the five teenagers were taken to the hospital and are said to be doing well.

The two teenagers who drove the vehicle to the hospital have also been charged for carjacking.

Police chief Timothy Peek conducted a press conference stating,

“when officers arrived around 10 p.m., they found three people with gunshot wounds following “some type of altercation,”

“The actual motive for the shooting has not been established at this particular point in time.”

Police were able to recover at least one stolen vehicle from the teenagers as well as three different weapons.

The police chief stated that the official responded immediately after a call was recorded from someone about someone getting shot at point blank in the area of downtown Atlanta.

So far, the teenagers are doing well and their lives are out of danger.