The mayor elections are currently underway in the big city in Georgia and today might be the night that decides the fate of Atlanta for the next four years. Atlanta mayor elections are wildly important for many reasons, but most importantly for the upwards growth of the city, including a pushback on several of the healthcare, housing, and related issues.

The Atlanta Journal reports the top two candidates, Andre Dickens and Felicia Moore, both being ahead in the race, making them in a likely either/or situation in the office. That is not all for the races going on, apart from the Atlanta mayor elections the school board, city council, metro Atlanta are all having run-off elections to choose their new deserving heads.

Opening the polls at 7 a.m. and closing at 8 p.m. on Tuesday gives residents more than half a day during the day plus some hours of the night to catch voting in any precinct across the city. There have been previous voter polls to see the progress between candidates that are competing, but there has been a large part of the undecided voter base who might be getting out to vote for the final day today.

In an earlier statement Moore, who has been City Council president, seemed positive and upward-looking about her position in the race saying, “I feel excited. I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning.” As did Dickens yesterday when he echoed her statement with, “I’m energized and anticipating good results tomorrow. The fatigue that you feel from running all across the city every single next step, every single next engagement I get re-energized again. So, I’m excited.”

The Atlanta mayor elections are important for more than just one reason at this point in time. Barring some cities around the country, ever since Covid and its economic impact hit our nation, almost every city has seen higher homelessness, unemployment, and crime rate, on top of the health emergency which has taken over the world in the form of Covid. On top of the issues overtaking other cities as well, Atlanta faces grave infrastructure and crime-related concerns that are at the top of priorities for whoever gets crowned tonight.

The Atlanta mayor elections currently happening will determine the 61st mayor of the city. No matter who turns out to be the new mayor, the residents of the city look forward to immediate action to everything either of the candidates has offered and promised in their campaigns. They both have specifically focused on how they will tackle the uptick in crime, with each offering their own solutions on addressing the cause behind the crime.