CANBERRA – Australia reported its deadliest pandemic day on Friday, recording around 80 deaths due to Covid as the Omicron continued to spread.

However, Dominic Perrottet, who is serving as the 46th premier of New South Wales, said, “a slight decrease in hospitalizations gave me some hope about the strain the outbreak is putting on the health system”.

The second deadliest record was set on Tuesday, with 78 fatalities reported in the country. However, the overall death rate throughout the pandemic has been under 3000.

“In past 24hrs 77 people in have died from COVID-19. NSW 36 deaths, VIC 22 deaths, QLD 16 deaths, SA 2 deaths & ACT 1 death. 530+ people have died in first 18 days this year. “Cases do matter,” @crabbbrendan said. “If we want to get deaths down, we have to get cases down”, Burnet Institute Tweeted.

New South Wales residing near the east coast, Australia, reported 46 deaths due to Covid. The casualties rate also included an infant who died battling Covid in December, making it one of the historical cases investigated to date.

The news came following when Mark McGowan, the Western Australia state’s premier, stepped down on a promise to reinstate the state to the rest of the nation on Feb 5.

In a press release on Thursday, Mark McGowan said, “reopening the state as planned would be reckless and irresponsible given a large number of COVID-19 cases in other states”.

So far, no updates have been received regarding the state’s reopening and relaxing of the closed borders.

The continuation of the closure of the border means neither leader nor his opposition, PM Scott Morrison can campaign in the country. The elections are set to begin by May 21, 2022.

Meanwhile, the country continues to revise Covid guidelines for the citizens as the Australian Government Department of Health, Tweeted, “Be #COVIDSafe & #keepyourdistance when grocery shopping. Avoid crowds & maintain physical distance. If you’re sick, stay home, ask a friend or family member to help or shop online instead.”