Three people lost their lives in a shooting incident in Austin, Texas on Sunday, officials stated on Twitter. The police officers did not disclose the identities of the deceased, but mentioned that the victims were two Hispanic women along with a African American man. Officials also took to Twitter to declare that the Austin shooting as an “isolated domestic situation” which poses no current threat to the general public, but to still take caution and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

The shooting began in the late morning, with an emergency call being made at 11.42 am. Just four minutes after the initial call, the police were outside the crime scene at Arboretum Oaks Apartments,  officials stated. Despite their timely arrival, they were unable to catch the alleged shooter.

The Police Department made a formal tweet to not only inform residents about the Austin shooting, but also to tell them to take shelter and report any activity that seems out of the ordinary.  At a press conference, Police Chief Joseph Chacon affirmed that it is still “an ongoing and active investigationas the suspect has not yet been arrested. He further advised residents to check up on their neighbors and other family members in the area, as there is an increased risk of the suspect disguising himself as a hostage and taking shelter until the officers are out of sight.

Chacon further announced that the alleged suspect goes by the name of Stephen Broderick, a 41-year-old former sheriff’s detective. A 5 ft 7 black man, Broderick was donned in a hoodie that was paired with two accessories; sunglasses and a baseball cap.  According to Chanon, the tentative shooter’s identity was only revealed because he has not been arrested and until then, the Austin shooting is still active.

Broderick has previously been involved in several notorious cases including an attempt to molest a child, as reported by KXAN News. After committing a first-degree felony, he was arrested by the Travis Police with a $100,000 bond. At present, he is on the loose after firing at three victims who were pronounced dead on the spot.

The Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services were one of the very first teams to notify the public about the Austin shooting. They took to Twitter and confirmed that three victims had been shot and efforts were being made to revive them. However, the team officers later tweeted that the wounds had turned out to be fatal for the three of them.