A kind-hearted man helped a bakery in an amazing way. The story happened in Upper Arlington, Ohio, where a regular customer of Tremont Goodie Shop helps them out during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the bakery owner, Emillie Smith, the man has been coming to their bakery for the past 40 to 50 years. Smith said that he called them before coming and asked if he could give them 1000 dollars for a doughnut and when he felt nothing but silence on the line, he asked again. Smith was shocked for a moment and then she said, “Yes, it would be okay”.

The person has been doing little deeds of kindness for years, such as bringing pizza for the employees sometimes. He was not coming to the shop for some time because he was trying to lose weight, but when their business fell on hard and their income was decreased by three due to the coronavirus pandemic, one day he called us because he knew that we needed help.

The bakery posted on Facebook about the incident with a picture of a bag containing the doughnut with a heart on it. “This is the doughnut for which the customer paid 1000 dollars. We are in tears. This is a blessing”, posted the bakery.

Smith said about the man that he is such a nice guy and just lights up the room whenever he’s here. The person said to Smith that he really needed to support them.

According to Smith, after this incident, their online sales and local orders have been increased. This was such a blessing and after that, another person gave a 100-dollar tip for the employees.

People gave heartwarming comments on the Facebook post. One person said that it is really sweet to know that there are Americans who truly do care about their fellows and do what they can and when they can to assist their fellows.

Another person said that these kinds of business models people should emulate. They are so loved that their customers intentionally overpay, leave tips, and brave their fears to keep the doors open. Smith has a business that can last for ages.