The Bali suitcase murder which shocked America in 2015 became the center of the news yet again. Heather Mack, the culprit who murdered her mother with the help of her boyfriend and stuffed the remains of her slain mother in a suitcase in Bali was released from the jail here on Friday.

Heather Mack who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in jail was released after serving a major chunk of her sentence. She was swarmed by journalists and reporters as she left the Kerobokan prison in the early hours of Friday. She did not answer any of the questions asked by the reporters.

Yulius Benyamin Seran, who is the lawyer of Heather Mack did not make any comment when he was contacted.

The Bali suitcase murder caught attention worldwide in 2014 because of its gruesome nature. Mack’s boyfriend Tommy Schaefer was also sentenced to 18 years in jail on the charges of premeditated murder while Mack was accused of being a sidekick in the murder of the slain mother of Heather Mack.

The infamous case was investigated by the US Federal Bureau of investigation with the help of Indonesian authorities.

During the trial back in 2015, Schaefer had confessed in court that he killed Sheila von Wiese-Mack but it was a self-defense act. The murder took place in the St. Regis hotel of Bali where according to the accused, the victim attacked him in anger as she was against the couple’s relationship.

The body of Von Wiese-Mack was found in a suitcase in a gruesome condition with broken fingers and limbs and bruises all over the body.

Heather Mack had a troublesome relationship with her mother as there were frequent reports of her punching and biting her mother before the fateful incident, according to the police reports obtained from Chicago from where the culprits hail.

Heather Mack’s lawyer states that she will be deported to the United States of America once she is released from prison.

The Kerobokan prison chief for women stated that Mack was given a 34-months relief because of her good behavior in the prison. She was relatively religious in the prison and was friendly with her inmates. She participated in the activities involving dance and fashion in the jail.