Former Sen. Barbara Boxer became a victim of assault and theft on Monday in the Northern California region, as reported by her Twitter account. Boxer was allegedly in Oakland’s Jack London Square area when someone shoved her from behind and stole her phone.

According to the post on her Twitter account, the attacker “pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car.” The post also read how Barbara Boxer was extremely grateful for not getting any serious injuries.

The attack and robbery took place on a Monday, at around 1.15 pm local time in a block of 3rd Street. This information was confirmed by the Oakland Police Department in conversation with news channel CNN.

The statement issued by the police said the assailant had forcefully taken former Sen Barbara Boxer’s phone. Authorities have been unable to trace the attacker as he immediately fled the scene in a vehicle that was waiting on standby.

The 80-year-old Democrat from California said she was “shook up” after the incident had occurred. In conversation with CNN affiliate KPX, Sen Barbara Boxer said the attacker had pushed her with immense force. Before she could take a lead and follow him, the assailant had already stolen her phone and ran away.

Boxer confirmed that there were no physical injuries, but the onset of the incident had left her in extreme shock. According to Boxer, the suspect wasn’t aware of her status or position in the realm of politics. She described him as a boy younger than the age of 18, who took off almost instantaneously after the push in a black sedan.

In an interview post incident, former Sen Barbara Boxer said she tried yelling at the boy, but “he could care less.”  The incident is under review and the robbery department of the police is offering a reward up to $2000 for an arrest in connection with the case.