Hagen Mills, who played a role in FX’s Baskets in 2016, has died at 29 in an attempted-murder suicide. He shot his girlfriend Erica Price, aged 34, allegedly before shooting himself.

In May 2020, Mills was with his four-year-old daughter and the mother of his girlfriend at their home in Mayfield, KY. When Price came home, Mills fired at Price and shot himself. Price was badly injured, but she was able to run out of the house and call 911.

According to the Mayfield Police Department, officers responded to Price’s call as she informed them about the incident. Price was found badly injured outside her home with gunshot wounds on her arms and chest. Mills was found dead at the scene inside the home and Price was sent to the hospital in an emergency. She is now in a stable condition and her life is fortunately saved.

The Police have reported that Price’s daughter and mother were not physically injured in the incident. Mills had shot Price and then himself in front of this four-year-old daughter. On Tuesday evening, police had found 34 years old Erica Price injured outside her home while Hagen Mills was pronounced dead at the scene.

Erica Price reported that Mills attacked her several times before turning the gun to him. She was allegedly injured, but somehow she managed to run out of the house to call the police. Her mother and her four-year-old daughter were inside the house, but Mills didn’t harm them.

Police have been investigating the reason but nothing has been reported yet. Price didn’t tell about the reason why Mills thought to shoot her and then him. The actual story of the incident isn’t revealed yet.

Price was not able to tell anything at the moment except what had happened at that moment and was immediately transported to the hospital. Although Price’s is safe now she has severe injuries to be taken care of.

Hagen Mills played the role of “Lucky” in “Baskets” in 2016, appeared in a Television movie, “Bonnie and Clyde: Justified” in 2013, played the role of “Young” in “Swedish Dicks” and has a role in the upcoming horror movie “Star Light”.

He died at the age of 29 in an attempted-murder suicide.