The Texas nightmare lasted for more than a week when the power grid collapsed amidst the snowstorm and freezing temperatures. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) stumped when the weather conditions worsened across the state of Texas. People were left stranded in their houses with no power and water supplies. As the temperatures hit below freezing point, the water pipes busted, forcing people to take shelter in community halls and other places to survive the polar plunge.

Now that the temperature is back to normal, the big task is ahead – rebuilding the state. As normalcy returns to the state, there are long queues at the gas stations, stores and marts are empty, and the broken water pipes need to be repaired. There is an unprecedented surge in the sales of power batteries.

Politicians continue to play blame games on one another and debate over reforming ERCOT and other private power grids for the future; the majority of the Texans have decided to find a solution for this matter themselves. There has been an abrupt demand of gas-powered backup generators and solar panels along with other battery storage essentials.

Companies like Generac, Sunnova, and SunPower have reported a sudden surge in the sales of their natural gas-operated batteries and solar panels. They have started to offer 0% finance and no down payment to combat the competition in the market.

The residents in Texas have decided to install rooftop solar systems to avoid any kind of mishap in the future. If the politicians keep on blaming each other and no concrete steps are taken to address the prevailing issue, then the consequences will be much more aggravated. The ERCOT grid system needs to be overhauled. It can’t survive another climatic catastrophe like the one observed in the last two weeks.

The battery developers were quick enough to take advantage of the prevailing situation. They formulated easy installment plans for the public to buy their solar panels and batteries.

Companies have started investing in the raw materials like Palladium, Nickel, etc. required for the manufacturing of the batteries. After the storm, they stimulated the need for batteries in Texas to achieve maximum sales and get benefit from this opportunity.