Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are once again making headlines for their relationship- though unclear if it’s hardcore romantic, or simply platonic. The renowned stars had been known for their sizzling chemistry which transformed into a brief engagement from 2002-2004.  Previously known as one of the hottest couples of Hollywood, the pair has caught the attention of the public again for their mini getaway to Montana this weekend.

The Daily Mail has released pictures of the 51-year-old singer who was seen in the passenger seat of an SUV driven by Ben Affleck. Although the exact reason for their weekend excursion to Montana is unknown, a source suggests that the former couple had traveled to attend a party of some sort.

Moreover, TMZ noted that the international superstar and the Oscar winner had resided in the Big Sky Resort during their brief visit. The two had taken a flight from Montana to LAX on Sunday and from there, they jumped into another SUV and went to Lopez’s Bel Air Mansion.

Ben Affleck with former beau J.Lo in Montana; A rekindled romance According to an inside source, Jennifer Lopez had spent a couple of days alone with former beau, Ben Affleck in Montana. “Big Sky is a place special to Ben,” said the insider, further sparking rumors about their mysterious relationship. The source went on to add how the two looked incredibly happy and relaxed on their rendezvous together.

Back in the days, the singer-turned-actress had been in a heavily publicized relationship with Ben Affleck. From their tanked film Gigli to the infamous “Jenny from the Block” video collab, the former couple had left no stone unturned in their public display of affection. The stars had also earned heavy criticism for their overexposure in public.

Ben Affleck had also proposed to Jennifer Lopez- a proposal that made rounds on social media for being the first of its kind. The ring was a shade of pink that went on to be known across the globe. As stated by Diamond Hedge, the couple brought a new trend of using colored rings, a style that was far from common before the duo’s iconic proposal.

However, their relationship didn’t stand the hurdles of time and the couple soon broke off their engagement, citing public attention as the reason for their separation in later interviews.  Now, with Lopez recently calling it quits with Alex Rodriguez, there seems to be a glimmer of hope for the “Bennifer” fans across the globe.

The frequent meetings between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have set the news ablaze with a chance that the two stars might rekindle the lost flame. However, the stars themselves have not commented on this possibility till now.