If you think that skateboarding is a waste of time and a shortcut to end up on a bed in the hospital? Let this article change your mind about it. The recreational sport may instead save you from ending up in a hospital with the many health benefits; mental and physical, it provides.

There have been many studies highlighting the benefits of skateboarding for both children and adults. The sport that you deem as a waste of time is the sixth most popular sport in the world and has the potential to completely transform the way you live your life.

With that said, let us now explore the benefits of skateboarding, and find out if they vouch for adding the popular sport in your routine.

Benefits of Skateboarding

Here are the many ways that skateboarding can be beneficial to you, it may even have you reconsider your opinion on sidewalk surfing. That’s right, that is what skateboarding was called originally.

Skateboarding Builds Your Muscles

When skateboarding, your whole body functions altogether and lets you do the tricks and flips with accuracy and precision. As you keep skateboarding for a decent amount of time consistently, your muscles start getting their much-needed exercise, which makes them stronger and tones your overall body.

It Burns Your Calories

One of the most important skateboarding benefits is it burns your calories in a sustained manner. It is because when you try a neat execution of any of the skateboarding flips, you put a huge amount of energy into use, which in turn, burns a vast chunk of calories helping your body maintain the equilibrium between getting your necessary nutrients and burning them off after your body has made use of it.

It Reduces Depression and Stress

Physical exercise affects your mental health largely and this one can change your mind about skateboarding. Skateboarding is a sport where your creativity is utilized along with your physical abilities. You try coming up with your stunts, tricks, and flips. Along with them, you sort out the ways to land back on your feet.

It ultimately removes the worries and dilemmas from your head and replaces them with a creative perspective towards a dedicated activity. Successfully performing your skateboard routines can help you achieve a great deal of results, which plays a big role in reducing or even eradicating stress from your mind.

It Makes You Brave

Skateboarding means trying out-of-the-box elements that are full of creativity and courage. Needless to say, when you start skateboarding, your fear of carrying out even a small turn is bigger than jumping off the cliff into the water. But as you get used to the sport, you become braver and more open to things outside your comfort zone.

It is a big achievement not only in the skateboarding world but in real life as well. If you encounter any courageous event in your life, you don’t fear it, you face it and ultimately overcome it diligently. You get used to falling and getting up. Your bravery outgrows your fear, which is one of the most sought-after things for people.

It Teaches You Patience

Whether it be the stunts, a turn, a flip, or maintaining the balance you seek, you can’t learn it in a day. It takes years of endeavors, and above all, years of determination. And you need to embrace this fact in skateboarding. You need to accept that you will have to work harder and be patient to learn a specific skateboarding skill set, which in turn, helps you act the same in practical life.

It is an Inexpensive Sport

Unlike football, cricket, baseball, soccer, and many other expensive sports, skateboarding is a pocket-friendly yet highly-beneficial sport. All you need is the protective gear that you can get for a few bucks and a skateboard that costs more or less the same.

There are separate competitions held for practicing individuals, some can also be coordinated. You participate in them with your gear or the one provided by the sponsors and win your chunk of competition. But yes it can be called expensive when it comes to energy investment.

An Eco-friendly Mode of Transportation

Probably the most unorthodox benefits of skateboarding is that it could be your eco-friendly way of transportation. You don’t need to spend your money on gas, or the maintenance of your vehicle, just grab your skateboard and roll the wheels.

Your energy is your fuel, and your health is what you need to maintain, see how skateboarding elevates the health standards of your lifestyle? Not to forget, you don’t end up jammed in traffic, you can even take your skateboard to sidewalks or pavements, and get to your destination without any hassle.

It Teaches You Coordination

When you skateboard, you bring all your body parts into action, at the same time. Your arms, your legs, your eyes, and your mind are entirely focusing on the same thing or the stunt you are about to carry out. This not only helps you execute the stunt gracefully but learn how to practice coordination in real life.

Or if you are skateboarding with your team or gang, you learn to form numerous combinations of stunts. As a result, you learn how to become a team player, instead of just practicing on your own.

It Enhances Your Endurance

Have it this way, you can compare a beginner with an expert. You will see when a beginner falls on the ground, they leave the field, and go home to heal. On the contrary, when an expert falls on the ground or fails to carry out a stunt, they don’t let go of their determination and keep seeking perfection in their skateboarding display.

That said, a beginner becomes an expert with enhanced endurance, which they learn with skateboarding. It teaches you both physical and mental endurance and educates on how to not give up on becoming successful in your passion, which is what most people lack in their lives.

It Lets You Taste and Embrace Freedom

Skateboarding results in physical, social, and mental freedom. Needless to say, it even hones your creativity and analytical skills. Physical freedom in a sense that your reflexes and flexibility keep on fostering a level up as you practice numerous flips with your skateboard, your body feels free of compactness and tiredness.

Social freedom is a sense that you become friends with people who share the same passion and interests as you. You join them while you skateboard, which further benefits your mind. At last, skateboarding provides mental freedom as it lets you reach the pinnacle of your creativity and determination.

You learn ways to perform a specific stunt, to play in a team, to freestyle your skateboarding skills, and so on.

It Teaches You to Fall, and to Get Back Up

Skateboarding educates you on how to fall on the ground or how to prevent falling. Sports in all forms teach you how to increase your tolerance for physical labor, but skateboarding in particular is very focused on trusting yourself in the process and learning as you grow from your mistakes. If you are careful, it is equipping you with a lifelong beneficial skill that will keep you from sustaining deadly injuries even when putting your life at risk.

You would know where to point your legs and hands while falling, and what precautions to take when encountering an accident.

It Teaches You Calculation

Skateboarding improves your analytical skills, as we mentioned above. It lets you calculate the entire scenery for all possible scenarios of accidents, mishaps, and disturbance. You learn to take risks that are in your control and how you can counteract them without getting yourself hurt.

The same way you start practicing in your practical life, you focus on what you can control, and leave the uncontrollable behind, which turns out to be one of the most influential ways of living a happy and peaceful life.


You can’t count all the benefits of skateboarding when everyone has a subjective approach and experience to it. The sport keeps adding to your expertise, your skillset, and your social, physical, and mental life as long as you skateboard on the field or off the field. Skateboarding can teach you lifelong skills, but it would all be in vain if you are not determined.

You should be determined to learn skateboarding because it is the only thing that skateboarding won’t produce within you. Once you are determined by yourself, you can avail all the benefits that skateboarding has to offer and trust us, you won’t regret it.