The American driver audience appreciates a good pickup truck more than a lot of other types of vehicles. For reasons closely related to durability, affordability, and accessibility, they are widely used in almost every state. With the slogan ‘TOUGHER THAN BEFORE. SMARTER THAN EVER.’, Ford sets new standards and expectations for its future products to come. This is, not surprisingly, executed in the 2022 Ford lineup, proving that Ford is as much about bringing top-notch products as it is about claiming them. Let’s look at how the lineup has come out so far.

1. XL

With a 3.3L Ti-VCT V6 engine, the XL is just Ford’s base truck in its 2022 F-150 lineup. It is also the only option that lies within the $30k range, making it the cheapest option on the list. It does not however compromise on its strength and efficiency of features, even if it does not include all the smart technology. With the comfort of its interior and the efficiency of its other features, you do not need to worry about missing out on this one. The signature strong build of the vehicle stays as it matches up to its upgraded design features inculcating intelligent technology to round it off properly.

2. XLT

Moving on from the first in the Ford 2022 lineup, you will realize how the XLT has almost all of XL’s features as standard options. It includes and improves on a lot of technical features such as traffic alert, connectivity with other devices as well as tow coverage for the truck. It includes a two-bar style grille, with a fully boxed, high-strength steel frame that adds to its overall toughness. The material is also torture-tested according to Ford’s website. This and everything additional to XL brings the price of XLT to around $35k.


Moving further on in the lineup, we come to LARIAT which is another upgrade away from the previous two options. It has a brilliant 12-inch digital productivity screen in the front console of the truck that enables you to stay informed without getting distracted. This directly solves your previous problems of having to navigate through the small phone of your screen. It has many multitasking options, as well as split-screen fully-boxed ability. It also has a twin intercooled turbo and a dual overhead cam that sets it apart. The turbocharged engine however does not disappoint in terms of fuel efficiency either. The price for this one starts from $45,045 depending upon your choice and upgrades.

4. King Ranch

The King Ranch develops on the interior as no other option in the pickup vicinity has. Taken after the charm of its name, this ford f 150 lineup contender has a center flow-through console for the seats. In addition to the extremely elegant and comfortable interior design, it includes an updated B&O Sound System to enhance your music streaming/listening experience. The truck starts at $56,015 as the base, considering its features as most technologically efficient since the start.

5. Platinum

The Platinum proceeding directly in the path of its previous contender has the Variable Displacement Engine technology-enabled 5.0L V8. It makes for an incredible fuel-efficient engine, not anything like what you would expect a truck of this capacity to do. The 20-inch aluminum wheels are a step up from the previous many as well. It has many safety and assists technology features that the driver can take advantage of with the ease of a few buttons. Justifies the price upgrade starting from $58,795.

6. Limited

The massive power board of 7.2kW alone makes up for a huge boost to the overall power the engine is equipped with. Similar to King Ranch with the comfortable interior and seating situation, the Limited version of the Ford f-150 lineup furthers the elegance of the interior. The front bucket seats make for a very comfortable ride even if you fully utilize the speed factor of the truck. The military-grade body and the technological features to aid it, Ford calls this one a beast with brains. The price on this one goes up to $73,105, as the base.

7. Tremor

Tremor is another one of Ford’s brilliant pickup options without the glaring price range that goes up to 70k+. This one has a base price starting from $49,505, with a lot of similar features both in the interior and exterior of the vehicle. It has the V6 engine to match up the quality drive, with the signature strength of Ford’s truck.

8. Raptor

Last on the list we have Raptor that goes till $64,145 but has the features to justify its base price. The pickup has a five-link rear suspension, live valve technology, and the same power boost as the V6 engine. The built and overall makeup of the vehicle makes it as tough as any other one on the list. Matching the intelligent technology with the durability that comes with Ford trucks, brings a good package you might want to look for. It is specifically designed and can travel on rough and bumpy terrains, without making your journey uncomfortable.

This was the entire 2022 Ford lineup, ranging from different prices to different specifications within its vehicles. A great option within Ford is the way you can pick and choose your ideal features to make up for a customized option. The variety in this list gives a different product for anyone with a restricted budget or any specific needs. It also makes for consistent audience interest too. People choose Ford vehicles for a reason, it is why it continues to win awards in the American region too.