Congratulations on becoming another victim of 60 percent keyboard’s excellence and compactness. You are one step closer to freeing 40 percent more space on your laptop or computer desk and using it for setting your new minimal keyboard at a perfect angle for whatever purpose.

But still, you are closer; you are not there. There you will reach with this guide, where you will find out the six best cheap 60 percent keyboard for gaming, offering great aesthetics to your table, and surely what you seek from them like ergonomics, RGBs, light or heavyweight, etc. Some of them even have them all.

These keyboards have 40% lesser keys than a normal or standard computer keyboard. For instance, a normal computer keyboard has 101-107 keys, while its competitor, in this case, will have 60-67 keys, making them compact, ergonomic, and more performing. 

However, before we get to the best 60 percent keyboards, let us clear a misconception. There is this word out there that 60 percent keyboards are for gaming only, which is completely incorrect. It depends upon your preference, if you are a typist, a 60 percent keyboard is for you. If you are a programmer, a 60 percent keyboard is still for you.

There is no stopping, it is just these keyboards are quite handy with gaming, they are labeled as gaming keyboards However, this guide will walk you through every type of 60 percent keyboard, explaining their unique selling points and the reasoning on why you should or should not opt for them.

Are all 60 percent keyboards Mechanical?

That’s the right question to ask at the right time, and the answer is yes. All 60 percent keyboards are mechanical. And you need to choose them via their build quality, stabilizers, keycaps, customization, and switches. Speaking of switches, you may have heard of the term ‘Red switches,’ which are actually linear switches.

Now, what are linear switches? Another good question. These switches literally require a hover of your finger to actuate. You only need to stroke them with little to no force and you will see the key fulfilling its function. That said, before we get to the best 60 percent keyboards, you should get your requirements right.

You should determine if you need a keyboard for gaming or for typing. Because the red switches or linear switches are best suited for gaming, they are not for typists or typing. Provided their touch sensitivity, you may, if you are just starting or not used to typing with them, encounter plenty of incorrect keystrokes, which will only slow down your typing speed, and ultimately your work.

It’s not like it is mandatory for gamers to opt only for linear switches, it is a matter of choice. If you are a gamer, and you want to opt for other switches, that’s fine; and if you are a typist, who wants to opt for linear switches, that’s fine.  We realize; you are now deliberating over what are those ‘other’ switches?

And we have just got the answer for you.

Types of Keyboard Switches

There are three types of keyboard switches, which are as follows:

  1. Linear
  2. Tactile
  3. Clicky

Mechanical 60 percent keyboards feature all of them. Or if you got one with linear switches, you can buy your desired switches from the market and replace them with those linear ones already installed. But not all 60 percent keyboards allow for such replacement.

Anyways, you already know about the linear switches, let us brief you on the rest of the keyboard switches types. Starting with tactile switches, they are perfect for typists or programmers because they generate tactile feedback upon every keystroke, letting you know if you pressed a key.

You can recognize them with their color, which is brown, and they are available from many brands, to name one, you could opt for kailh brown switches.

Now for the latter, which is clicky. You should understand this type with its name, it produces clicky feedback upon every keystroke. Just like mice, these switches are a bit noisy as well. But then again, it all depends upon your preference, if you are a typist who loves to get lost in the typewriter type sound, you may want to opt for them.

They are of blue color, just so you can recognize them if you make up your mind of opting for them.

Another important question that may house in your mind is if you should choose a wired 60 percent keyboard or a wireless 60 percent mechanical keyboard? Let’s not leave this question housed then, here comes the answer.

Should You Opt for a Wired Or Wireless 60 Percent Keyboard?

Again, this question has a subjective answer. But, when it comes to gaming, wired 60 percent keyboards are more preferred than wireless 60 percent keyboards. Why? Because wired keyboards are more responsive and fast as compared to wireless, gaming doesn’t bear a delay of even a microsecond, which is why gamers around the world go with wired 60 percent keyboards.

Now if you are a typist, this changes the situation, it becomes subjective. You have both options available to you. Whatever you find comfortable, you may opt for it. If you opt for a wireless 60 percent keyboard, you won’t feel any delay, for it’s realized only by the gamers because of their frequent responses to a particular in-game situation.

This sums up all the confusion, as we hope. Let’s now get to the best 60 percent keyboards out there, and have you meet your long-sought unit that not only frees up your desk but enhances your gaming or typing experience.

06 Best 60 Percent Keyboards

This collection of ours comprises the best 60 percent keyboards for both gamers and typists.

Best for Gamers and Typists

Ducky One 2 Mini


  • Exceptional Performance
  • PBT keycaps
  • Cherry MX key switches
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Removable USB-C connection
  • Ships with a wired keycap puller and Chinese zodiac spacebar


  • Expensive

That’s no surprise, Ducky had to be here, and it deserves the first spot not only from us but from every other page claiming to be the sensible tech geeks. That said, let’s talk about the keyboard itself.

Starting with the design, the Ducky One 2 mini features a petite frame, which means it has sleek bezels, the same as the Ducky mini, which is its predecessor. Also, the bezels are dual-colored, they are a match of black and white color that sits meticulously with your desk and also combines well with the keycaps that you can use whatever you want.

But only if you’d want to change the default keycaps because the Ducky one 2 mini-features PBT double-shot seamless keycaps that happen to be the most demanded in the market and also the most durable of all.

They don’t fall prey to shine and provide you with a longer lifespan, satisfying your cravings of feeling the smoothness and durability of a 60 percent keyboard with your fingertips. Under the hood, i.e., under the keycaps lies another exciting feature, which is German Cherry MX key switches.

The combination of PBT keycaps and German Cherry MX switches offers you a worth-the-money experience that you would love while either you game or type. Yes! Ducky has brought in with its Ducky One 2 Mini a satisfying typing experience making its durable performer a shared choice for both gamers and typists.

It is RGB backlit, which combines sturdy plates and PCB, producing an outcoming lighting experience whenever plugged in. All in all, it’s going to give you an unforgettable experience gaming or typing, as long as you are content with its price, which lies somewhere at $140.

Best for Typists

Royal Kludge RK61


  • Doubleshot ABS keycaps
  • Hot-swap function for those interested
  • Good stabilizers
  • USB-C charging, centered port
  • Goes to sleep if not used for 3 minutes, saves power


  • No RGB
  • Not very reliable

Right after a pricey and premium 60 percent mechanical keyboard, we now have for you a budget-friendly and not-so-premium 60 percent keyboard from Royal Kludge, which goes by the model number RK61. Now you may think that we label it as not-so-premium, yet we have added this to our list of the best 60 percent keyboards. Well, there are reasons for that.

The reasoning starts with its price tag, which falls near $50. It is too good to be true, but it’s true. Yes, there are compromises with many things in this keyboard, but again, you can’t expect a solid bang-on 60 percent keyboard at such a low price tag.

Now for the review and why we included this keyboard here. The first thing is its design, if you have placed it on your laptop or computer desk, it would only flaunt premium vibes, provided its compact and attractive build.

Next comes its connectivity, which is completely wireless. It’s quite surprising really to see such an affordable wireless 60 percent mechanical keyboard, and that’s what inspired us to select this in our list and give it second place. In addition to that, there is one more thing that we couldn’t forget, which is its hot-swap functionality.

It means that you can replace the key switches with the switches of your preference. As for the default equipment, the keyboard features blue tactile switches that make for a fantasy keyboard for typists. If you are a typist, you are really going to enjoy typing on it.

It has the keycaps made of ABS, which is not the most durable material but is still good for the price tag. These keycaps won’t last you a lifetime, and you wouldn’t want them to, but will do for a decent time period. Now since the keyboard is wireless, it has a 1450mAh battery installed that, per the brand’s say, lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Also, the same functionality makes it not-so-ideal for gamers because it won’t be as responsive as the wired ones, and 10 hours sure seems way less when it comes to gaming.

Best for Gamers and Typists

Anne Pro 2


  • Absolute Customization with software
  • Allows for hot-swapping, which means generous switches options
  • Dual connectivity (wired and wireless)
  • PBT double-shot keycaps


  • Wireless connectivity may act up
  • RGBs get dim sometimes

All right! All right! Pay attention to the lone player, an exclusive of Epomaker, Anne Pro 2. How wonderful would it be to own a 60 percent keyboard that lets you use it with wired as well as wireless connectivity? You don’t have words, right?

Such is the functionality that our lone player, Anne Pro 2 boasts. Featuring both wired and wireless modes, and performing up to the mark on each of them. It comes with a 1900mAh battery that stands by for 4000 hours and can work for 60 days if you are not using the backlight. it is not us saying this, it’s coming right from the company.

For its wired connectivity, the Anne Pro 2 supports USB-C connectivity, which makes it more responsive when it comes to gaming. We would recommend not to game on wireless mode, for it will result in delays, and lacks, which will ruin your gaming experience before it could get any better.

Since it features tactile switches and not linear ones, it turns out perfect for both gamers and typists. You can use both the wired and wireless modems for the respective gaming and typing, and get done with the necessities. One more thing that we loved the most about this 60 percent keyboard is its software compatibility and customization.

You can customize or program any key to your preference, given its support for 16 different macro settings. You can set up to 300+ unique characters with each macro code, and make different key combinations as you do so. Its key mapping is good, far more performing than the 60 percent keyboards available at the same price tag.

The keycaps installed are PBT double shot, and as you know, they are not going anywhere sooner, which means, you won’t see any shine or oxidization on their surfaces. Not to forget, you can connect this keyboard to 4 devices at the same time.

Best for Gamers

HyperX Alloy Origins 60


  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Durable and premium build
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Angle-adjustable


  • A bit expensive
  • You can’t make macros

Is not the durability overflowing from its name, the HyperX Alloy Origins 60? It sure is! And why wouldn’t it be? It features an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, which might break your floor but won’t break itself. That said, it comes from a renowned brand HyperX, which alone is the reason you might need to make up your mind about going for the keyboard.

The keys flaunt a four-dimensional design and once lit up, you would find them illuminating in a radiant effect. Also, the keyboard allows for advanced customization with its signature HyperX NGENUITY software. Its durability just keeps on expanding as the 60 percent keyboard features PBT double-shot keycaps that are themselves durable, and beneath them, the HyperX red switches.

Now this keyboard isn’t for typists, you may already have predicted with the specs we defined. It is designed exclusively for gamers and ensures you, being a gamer, don’t miss a single keyboard element when you play your favorite game out of your busy routine. Moreover, it comes with single connectivity, which is wired.

It supports a USB-C connection and ships with a few extra keycaps. In addition to that, there you will also find a keycap extractor or puller that you can use to replace keycaps, only if they ever get fragile. The integrated memory within the keyboard stores your settings, profiles, and customizations. You can also make multiple profiles, allowing you to select the best suited for every game you play.

Coming from HyperX, you only expect greatness, which is also reflected within the stabilizers. Though it is not for the writers or typists, the gamers would find them having the best time with their gaming setups as they take down their opponents one after another.

Best for Gamers and Typists

Cooler Master SK-622


  • Sturdy Build, made of aluminum
  • Great design
  • Onboard memory
  • Hybrid-wireless connectivity


  • Reported issues with charging

How about a solidly designed 60 percent keyboard that not only gets the job done but captures the attention? Yes! It is the Cooler Master SK-622. Though the keyboard is a bit pricey, you wouldn’t regret going for it. In terms of durability, this keyboard reflects the same endurance as the HyperX Alloy Origins 60.

Or even better you could say. It is because the keyboard features an aluminum build, which makes it a bit heavier than many 60 percent keyboards available at this price tag. The price tag, by the way, is around $110. The overall brushed aluminum design accounts for more appealing aesthetics and accessibility.

It accommodates low-profile linear switches, and that had to be the case. You can’t expect tactile or clicky switches to show up in literally the price of a used iPhone 8. Now for its connectivity, you are getting a hybrid-wireless 60 percent keyboard capable of connecting with three devices at a time, and to a single device with its USB Type C connectivity.

The keyboard is available in two different colors including gunmetal and silver-white. Although it is your choice, the silver-white color makes it easier for you to spot the keys in a dark room and elevates your gaming experience. Yes! The keyboard is RGB backlit, it is just the silver-white color that gets our recommendation. However, if you are okay with the gunmetal color, you’d find it worth the shot as well.

Not to forget the onboard memory, this keyboard comes equipped with 512KBs of storage for storing the macro settings that you can set per your requirements of games and angles.

The Cooler Master SK-622 is an all-rounder. It is good for both gamers and typists. Provided its ergonomic angles, you, being a gamer or typist, will not feel that stretch in your arms as you carry out your desired action for whatever time duration. All-in-all, this keyboard will give you quite an experience, but the price factor might hold you back.

Best for Typists and Gamers

DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard


  • Aluminum build
  • Inside out customizable
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Elegant Design


  • Price

An elegant-looking keyboard always suffices for any computer or laptop desk. The same is the case with the DROP ALT mechanical keyboard featuring a dual but decent-colored design that matches the aesthetics of almost every setup. All right, there is one thing that needs to be cleared here, this keyboard isn’t exactly 60 percent, but 65%.

Because there is a Pg Up and Down key lineup at the right end, which enhances the size of the keyboard by 5%, making it 65%. Now that you know this, let’s proceed with its design and build. The DROP ALT mechanical keyboard features an aluminum build, which makes it durable and its design attractive.

As for the switches, they are hot-swappable. By default, it features tactile switches that DROP calls the Halo Clear Switches. You can switch them with the switches of your choice, and fortunately, it doesn’t require soldering. We’d suggest you use it for typing if you are fine with the default switches. Otherwise, it works well for gaming. 

The keyboard has a neat design, you’d love the matte coating on the PBT keycaps, which are not there to fade or shine any time sooner. Also, the keyboard is absolutely programmable with QMK, a firmware designed for you to customize the key mapping and develop macros.

To put it simply, the DROP ALT mechanical keyboard unfolds to millions of RGB combinations, and plenty of customization options that let you make this keyboard your own and game gloriously.


60 percent keyboards are great if you want to free up the space on your desk and embellish it with eye-catching gadgets. They ship in different builds, switches, customization, and capabilities; it depends on you to choose what interests you the most, and of course, if you can afford it. That said, these keyboards are not exclusive to the gaming community, they belong to anyone comfortable with their speed, sensitivity, and reflexes. If you are a typist, a programmer, or a normal computer geek, be advised, that you must not hesitate to opt for a 60 percent keyboard. After all, it is an entertaining accessory.

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