Did you know visiting a beach could help relieve stress? Probably that is the reason why many people find the sound of the ocean soothing and feel mentally relaxed after having visited the seaside. Besides, beach picnics are also one of the best leisure activities, especially during warm and sunny summer days. While some enjoy water sports, others look forward to sunbathing, or a quiet walk along the shore. Thus, the ocean has a little something for everyone. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best beaches in USA that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime.

1Cape San Blas, Florida

Having received the title of “The Best Beach in America” by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman in 2002, Cape San Blas tops our list.

The pristine Cape beaches are particularly known for their uncrowded and peaceful environment. They are a perfect spot for relaxing vacations. Furthermore, the view of the Gulf side as well as the Bayside can be enjoyed while residing in comfortable and aesthetic beach homes because there are no tall buildings in the vicinity that may block the view.

A cherry on top is that the area has many pet-friendly accommodation options so your furry friends can accompany you on the trip.

Fishing, boating, cycling, and kayaking are some of the activities that can be enjoyed at Cape beaches. One of the famous nearby attractions is Cape San Blas lighthouse that has been rebuilt multiple times in response to the erosion caused by sea waters. It has 131 steps and is 101 feet tall.

2Orange Beach, Alabama

If you are planning a family picnic, Orange Beach is one of the best options to consider. Reaching there would only require a short drive from New Orleans. Furthermore, all the facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and flavorful food are easily available.

Those who do not want to let go of the sight of the ocean even for a short while during their trip will be pleased to know about the availability of beach condos at this location. Other activities that can be enjoyed during the stay include cruising, bike riding, and boating.

Multiple festivals are held at Orange Beach all year round. These include the arts festival and the national shrimp festival. Such events are not just entertaining but also provide the visitors a break from the monotony of water-based activities. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Orange Beach takes into account the varying interests of different family members and offers a little something for everyone.

3Cape Lookout National Seashore, North Carolina

Getting to the Cape Lookout National Seashore is a mesmerizing experience in itself for it requires taking a ferry ride from Harkers Island or Beaufort. Besides the beautiful view of the ocean, you may also be able to catch a glimpse of the wild horses of Shackleford Banks during your journey.

Upon reaching the beach, you will be welcomed by its calming aura, sparkling blue waters, and incredibly fine sand. A well-known landmark near this location is the Cape Lookout Lighthouse which is a famous tourist attraction. If you are in the vicinity, we would recommend not only visiting, but also climbing this idyllic building.

4Clearwater Beach, Florida

If you have been disappointed by beach visits every time because you were unable to spot any dolphin, Clearwater Beach is your go-to place. Wildlife enthusiasts will be pleased to know that these fish can be spotted in a large number at this location.

Furthermore, this destination is perfect for water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling. Also, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and ice-cream parlors to satisfy your taste buds.

If you are a fan of watching sunsets, then Pier 60 is the location to get a perfect view.

5South Beach, Miami

Amongst beaches that have white sand, South Beach is particularly well-known. Another reason for its fame is the unique Art Deco lifeguard stands that enhance the beautiful view by adding a tint of color.

Though seaweed might spoil the view of clean, turquoise water during certain times of the year, otherwise there is no drawback to planning a short vacation at this spot. The presence of numerous hotels and food options will make your stay hassle-free.

Now that you know about five of the best beaches in the USA, plan your next trip accordingly. However, do make sure that you follow all the SOPs and restrictions concerning Covid-19.