Travel is something all of us wish to take time out for every once in a while. But it can be tricky due to many reasons, mainly the budget and finding affordable options for almost everything you need, to enjoy a travel experience. This is why book now pay later hotels can be great for your travel plans. You can easily cut down your hotel expenses, in installments, and pay them over time without worrying about paying the full amount at once.

Book now Pay later

The concept of buying or booking now and paying later is derived from installment payment systems that are usually liable on highly-priced products, which require high investment in decision making. But some buying decisions, even if not that highly expensive, require a large amount of thought process to decide. Such as deciding where you want to go, to book your flights, or where you would like to stay, to book a hotel. The decision requires thorough research and contemplation, even if sometimes the expense is not so large.

The book now pay later option gives plenty of time to reconsider and think through decisions until one has to pay the entirety of their expense for something. For example, a book now pay later program for a flight would mean you could book a flight from the US to Brazil, months in advance, and you do not have to pay upfront. You can either pay for it in installments, over the months leading up to your flight or pay a certain amount up front and the later before your flight.

The same goes for hotel bookings in this program as well. Initially, this was not an option, but over time many people in the industry realized how it’s a win-win for both hotel owners and customers. You can improve business, promote your services, and customers get to have longer flexibility to pay you which is again good for business. Now let’s look at a few book now pay later hotels and websites that offer such authentic deals.


Starting with IHIG which is an international chain of hotels now, because it is an even greater option that does not require an advance deposit from you. It gives you a huge advantage of making your booking with the hotel and choosing how you want to pay, according to your affordability. It also gives you plenty of time to reconsider your stay, and if you do so you can easily cancel the booking without having to worry about losing your advance deposit. The only requirement of their program is a minimum of 3 days in the booking. You cannot, therefore, book 2 days before you have to stay at the hotel to take advantage of the program. Otherwise, it seems likely to be entirely to your advantage, taking the entire burden of commitment from you and making your travel stress-free.


As an American, it is very unlikely you have not heard about or experienced AirBnB yourself. There’s a mighty chance you have already used their flexible payment option. For those who have not, your beloved AirBnB that a majority seems to love and claim positive experiences with, launched their Pay Less Upfront program back in 2018. This is then allowing guests to be able to divide their payments for stay between a % of it up front and the rest around the time of stay.

This was a landmark for a company as largely operating as AirBnB, because all payments for bookings took place in advance before this. So you can utilize your favorite accommodation service with flexible payment options as you go.


Another famous name on the list just like the other two, if you did not know about Expedia, that’s alright too. There’s plenty you can still take advantage of. But it is very unlikely because it is one of the biggest, most popular names travelers come to, to look for hotels and lodgings. Even without the ‘book now pay later’ offer, Expedia is already quite famous for providing affordable options to its customers.

Travelers look at Expedia to find greatly discounted prices for their stay, even without the pay later option. Still, the company now offers an option for customers to pay for their bookings at the time of arrival for their stay. Not only this, but if you are an international traveler, you don’t have to worry about price changes due to currency fluctuations. You pay the amount that is fixed during the booking, no matter what is changed to when you come to stay.

 These were just a couple few options for some top book now pay later hotels and places where you can find the deals. There are myriads of options out there where you can find this offer applicable. The internet is yours to look for, especially for international travelers because no great businesses are missing on marketing on the internet. Make sure you are thorough with your research before you decide on your final decision on which one to choose.